Tips on dealing with mom guilt?

How do you deal with mom guilt of sending babies to daycare for long hours every day? I have to work, and I feel so bad sending my kids to daycare every day I feel like a bad mom. Help, is anyone going through the same thing?


Not bad mom your looking best interest of your child

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My kids are 12 and 7 and I still hate leaving them would much rather be home with them but I have to work. Just make sure they are safe and know your doing what right for them

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I think a lot of moms feel this way from time to time and especially when you first take them to daycare. But it does get better and easier with time. And honestly, my daycare loves my kids and they learn so much after being there for almost 4 years! I feel good knowing they are being so taken care of, loved, and learning things! You’re not a bad mom!

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My son is 2 years and 4 months old and I JUST started sending him 1 full and 1 half day per week and I feel guilty for it, but at the same time if I didnt send him at all and give him that experience then I would feel guilty for NOT sending him, I feel like I cant win!

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I am just divorc3d after 11 yrs of marriage & I have primary custody of our 2 yr old. I have to work M-Fri as a nurse so I can pay our house, bills, necessities, we don’t get extra things. I feel horrible that he has to go to daycare M-Fri but I also have to provide for him bc i am his person. He knows mommy loves him. I look at it like I provide for him however I can & at least I still see him daily on way to daycare & when we get home to feed, bathe, read & play before bedtime. One day things will be easier for us but now we do what we have to do as responsible parents.


You’re doing what you have to do to provide for them. It’s what parents do. Lighten up on yourself :heart:

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You sound like a fantastic mom. It’s the ones who think they’re doing everything right and never doubt themselves who need to worry about their parenting! It is so hard dropping them off sometimes but you are setting a great example of working hard and providing for your family.


I feel the same way with my 13 month old when I go to school but I’m doing what’s best for my son by getting an education and making a career for us.

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I felt the same way, until one day my son’s preschool director told me they had a job opening. I was looking for a new job at the time, and I jumped at the opportunity. Once I was an employee too, I realized how much the teachers genuinely loved all their babies, and my mind was changed. My son’s Age 2 teacher came to his birthday party, and is still part of our family, 15 years later. I still remember all my babies from each of my classes as well.

My guilt was alleviated once I realized my boys got to play and make new friends, and they ended up with more people in their lives who truly loved them.

Just think there is other moms like me who wishes she could send her child to day care so she could work. You are very lucky to be able to have that opportunity. Kids love to co mingle and play. Day care isn’t that bad.


Try to look at it this way… you work and provide for your baby. You’re a great Mom because of that! Sending them to daycare they get all kinds of social and learning experiences. It would be wonderful if we could all be SAHM (I think about it often too), but either way, you’re a great Mom for caring to provide the best :blush:


My opinion being a single mom and pretty much raised my 3 older kids a lone if you find a good daycare and can afford one while you are at work making a living for you and your kids don’t see it as being a bad parent look at it as being smart enough you know where your priorities lie. Anyone else says anything different shouldn’t be talking anyway. You do what’s best for your babies

Believe me you’re doing you and your kids a favor. They learn so many social skills that can’t be learned at home with mommy. They enjoy being with other kids and advance quicker with skills because they want to do what the other kids do. They will be so ready for school and know how to sit still listen and follow directions etc. as a teacher, I’m telling you don’t feel guilty be confident that all is fine. If they’re having separation issues it’s better to deal with it now than the first day if kindergarten

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I feel same way I’ve been a sahm for 9 years. Just started back working and I feel so bad. My children are almost 9 8 and 6. But i trying to make myself not feel guilty cause were making them money to have everything we need. Its ok momma we are doing what we gotta do

When I have mom guilt I talk to my friend or my mom and they help me feel normal. I find it helps knowing I’m not alone

Do not feel bad. Your child needs to be taken care of find someone you trust.Your child will get use to being away from you. When you pick them up give them as much attention as you can. He or she will know you love and miss them.It will be better now and to go back 5 years from now they would miss you more.

Such guilt. And such jealousy! I was surprised to discover how jealous I was that someone got to spend more of the day with my kids than I did. But it is what it is. And it’s necessary. A good day care is actually a good thing for kids. It’s structured social time and they learn a lot of valuable life skills there. Even though I know that, I still have guilt sometimes.

As a responsible working parent you are setting an example for your child. I raised three children alone and when younger they spent long hours in daycare. Now they are grown and my oldest son who served in the Marines and put himself through 6 years of collage says when he found his way difficult he thought back to my struggling as a single parent and that was his motivation dating to himself that if his mom with three dependents could do it he should be able to.

Yes! It sucks! When my oldest kids were little I just worked part time and it was the best of both worlds. I’ve been full time for a while now and I hate it for my youngest 2 but need $ to pay for tuition because the public schools here are really bad. Any chance you and your husband can figure out a way to budget for you to drop some hours?