Tips on disciplining my 2nd grader?

I have a second grader who isn’t a problem child. He’s just not thinking. He’s talking aggressively in class, and I can’t stop it. He’s also stole a Woody doll from the daycare I work at. THESE ARE ALL NATURAL CHILD THINGS TO DO SO before you so rudely judged it’s normal behavior, just behavior I won’t accept and plan on stopping immediately. Please please give me ideas of how to punish him where it sticks in his brain. He won’t do it anymore, or at least for a while. I’d love nothing more than to hide his ass and drive him down the road picking up trash all day, but the fact is spanking doesn’t work on him, and my daughter has an ear infection and pink eye. I can’t have her outside in this heat with our car not having AC. Please send ways you punish your older children without spanking them.


Ground them ? Take away all their toys & until they behave they dont get any of them back. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Grounding him is the only other option it seems like.

Take away all the things he likes to do. tv, games etr. until he understands good behavior.

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I went old school on my nephew who is 10. Sentences about being disrespectful. Everytime the behavior is repeated, add more sentences. I started with 25.


Talk to him ground him make him do chores… take his stuff away…

2nd grade… Tbat isnt normal behavior. I just wanna let you know. You need to take everything away and child needs chores and a disciplined schedule.


My son LOVES soccer, we take that away if necessary. Take away toys and make him do chores to earn them back. No electronics. Sentences. Push ups and wall squats.

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Grounding him. But before you do, have a heart to heart talk with him. He’s old enough to understand why he’s gonna be grounded, why it’s not on what he does and most importantly how it makes you and those affected feel. These reactions could possibly be him calling out for attention. And don’t forget that no matter how upset you are with him, tell him you love him.

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Make him return the doll himself and apologize. Also have him write a letter of apology.


My child is three and she does all these things! Even tells me to stop it cause she will punch me. I make her help me clean, pick up toys and scrub the tub, wipe all door handles and anything I know she can do well. It gets her in a good mood for a few hours and she acts right, then forgets :woman_facepalming:t4:

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I’ve used grounding, writing the same sentence like “I will follow the rules and think of other people’s feelings” however many times you feel will stay in their head, writing an apology AND giving it to said person, and I give my children extra chores (cleaning the trim in my house, picking up all dirty laundry, emptying trash cans in the bathrooms, and so on). I also have a talk with my kid before their “consequence” and after. Making sure they understand why it’s important to do the right things.

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Think about why your mind goes straight to punishment? Have you tried a thing called positive reinforcement? Reward positive behavior and focus on that, not the negative behavior. If you have to write a whole post asking for good punishments, you really have it set in your mind you are going to “get” this kid… do you wonder where his negative behavior may be coming from? Hmmm.


Take away all his fav toys/tablet ect and tell him he can earn they back with good behavior. Any bad behavior add on another day.

My parents always grounded me and took everything away. Except books. I did take a toy from my cousin once when I was 3 or 4, and my mom made me take it back to her and I had to give her 5 of my toys. Not the ones I didn’t play with anymore but 5 of my favorite toys. I never took anything again.


My son was about 2-3 when he took a piece of candy from the store without asking so I went back in paid for said sorry and then made him throw it away and didn’t anything else that day and now he’s 12 and hasn’t done it since it was a one time thing so far thank God

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I have a second grader … that isn’t normal behavior… stealing? … I would go sit in class with mine …make sure everything being done right … and he not being rude not talking when not suppose to … Then he would return the toy and apologize to everyone that runs the daycare and make him explain that he’s apologizing for stealing and then extra chores … Stealing is something you teach younger than 6-7 years old … my opinion


You have to find his niche… what his prize posession is. Some kids do better with ignoring the bad and over obsessing the good “positive reinforcement”. Some kids a stern chat and time out work.
With my almost 6 year old taking her ipad and TV privileges away work. When she didnt follow the rules on the bus (she is a kindergartener and this was her first year) I drove her to and from school a couple of days and explained that if she couldnt follow the bus rules she wouldnt be on it. We havent had an issues since putting her back on the bus because she loves riding the bus and I took that away. When she was acting up in class, I took her cheerleading away and explained that we can only cheer for our school if we follow the rules in school.
With my 2 year old the time out/ stern chat concept works.
I would start with finding what he cares about the most and taking that item or privilege away. Explain that “you did this unaccepatable behavior and this is whats going to happen.” I talk to my girls because i want them to think about things before they do it, i want them to think about… is this going to get me in trouble… not think about weighing the consequences out to see if its worth getting into trouble. I believe in discipline over punishment. A disciple is a student- so you want to teach them right from wrong. Punishment is just a penalty for bad behavior. It sounds like you never instilled discipline and now all you can do is punish. I would start from square one.

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First I would ground that little butt and then i would put him in a structured activity that teaches discipline and self control. I put my girl in karate after noticing her little attitude started to peak. She has a lot more self disciple and structure and the behaviors stopped. If that doesn’t work then make him do a wall sit for x amount of time for each offense. Physical activity helps I promise.

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It’s not natural for 2nd grader to steal, he should know better.