Tips on fixing bad credit?

This doesn’t have anything to do with kids or relationships. But I need advice. On fixing credit!! Fast! I and my fiance are wanting to find and buy a new home… But… His credit is 530s. Mine is 480s… I just got discharged from chapter 7 bankruptcy last yr. Still says one the cards are open with late payments… JUST found out My van … which I’m the primary signer my mom’s co-signer … Hasn’t been reflecting on my credit at ALL ONLY my mom’s… I am finally figuring that out, and it’s getting fixed now… I’ve talked to so many r different ppl on how to fix it, and I am so confused! Idk where our first step would b… So I thought I’d try this page to get actual personal experience, maybe… Any advice would be great!


I started out with a secure credit card

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Dave Ramsey is a great resource, good luck!


I use Credit Karma. It may be a few points off, but there’s so many helpful tips. And chances to be approved for a credit card to help with credit, but the cards require a deposit and higher interest rates. That’s expected. Good luck.

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Pay off anything you can get on payment plans

The credit solution program by Mike Roberts. It’s a good informational book. It’s not an overly long boring book either. Gives all the great recommendations to get a better score quick. Do not ever pay companies that claim to “wipe your credit clean” it’s a waste of money. If you’re determined to make your score better, you’ll have to put in the extra work, but it is absolutely possible to get your score into a higher number. Doing all of my homework, reading his book and following all of his advice got me a higher score within months!! Also having credit karma, credit sesame and paying for an Experian subscription has helped keep my records tidy and in order.

You need to dispute the negatives on your credit report if in fact you don’t owe them. If you do, get them paid off. Sometimes you can negotiate to pay a lower amount owed. Get a secured credit card that will report on your payment history. Do not charge more than 30% on it and pay it timely. Go to Experian and sign up for their credit thing that scans your bank account for bills that don’t get reported that you pay on time like cell phone, cable, utilities etc. Also, sign up for Self Lender. You have a payment made every month for a year, when the year is up the money comes back to you. That alone will bump your credit 10 to 15 points. Credit Karma sucks and doesn’t actually give your real credit score and their ideas for building credit are less than impressive. You can get your credit report for free every year and if you apply for a credit card and get denied they will provide your score and report on request. Good luck!

Easiest way I did it was to make sure all balances are paid off… Find on credit karma and take out a small loan and pay the exact payment til its paid off. For me, I got my daughter a bedroom suit at a furniture store and paid it off

We just bought our house an used loandepo, they explained everything we needed to do and ways to help. Since it was our first time buying a home they were really helpful.

Hope that helps a little

Do you have a credit card? If not, you should apply through your bank. If not approved, get a capital one credit card. Always pay off the credit card in FULL and on time. Also note that some items are on your credit report that do not increase your score however negatively impact your score if a payment is missed. For example cell phone bills. Check borrowell & credit karma for your scores and reports as they do not negatively impact your score like other companies do. I have significantly improved my score and my husbands in a few years. His was really bad mine was at zero. We both have “excellent” scores now.

I would say make an account on credit karma and start paying off the debt that is on there first. Knce thats all paid off and removed from your credit. Maybe look into a credit card with a very low credit line just to spend and then pay off each month. My credit score was 450 a few years ago. I started working on it and now im sitting at 550ish

My parents have a credit card and use it when needed and pay it off as they use it.

Ok 15 years in the financial industry here . First things first . Pull your free annual credit report from all 3 bureaus . When was your bankruptcy discharged? Find out what is still reporting on your credit then you need to dispute EVERYTHING stating you declared bankruptcy. Once the report is corrected (up to 30 days ) you will then need to wait to get a unsecured credit card , only use it for gas and keep the balance well below 30% of your available credit. This is a slow process but doable. I took my fiancee’s credit from 430 to 650 within 7 months. Best of luck and please feel free to ask questions!!!


Pay your bills on time

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I haven’t done it yet. But I bank with Vystar… they have a secured credit card the lowest balance is 375 and it goes up… you give them the money to open the account t. For ex.375 and then from what I’m told. Never use the full amount… only use it for emergencies or to cover your gas… day use 100… that way it’s easy to pay back on the card each month and it can build your credit. Plus being that its connected to your bank… it gives you bonuses at other merchant stores when trying to buy stuff say furniture’s or others stuff. My husband and I plan to do so cause we have no credit. Also because it’s hard to get up the 375 at once without needing the money to go to other necessities.

Unfortunately credit cards are the best way to bring your credit score up. You have to be sure to only charge on the credit card if you can pay off the balance at the end of the month. Also getting your credit report corrected for anything that is incorrect will help. Dispute anything on there you feel is a mistake. If it’s not a mistake then work on paying those balances down. It takes a while to get where you need to be. Be aware of interest rates! Dont get any type or credit or loan with a ridiculous interest rate.

I sent and paid for help to get mine fixed. They chased off all the things that shouldn’t be on their any moe. Might want to Google something like that. I can’t remember the name right noe

Get you a secured credit card, it’s helped us alot! Only use, I believe it’s 30%, don’t rack it up. We weren’t aware of that when we first got it so it wasn’t reflecting on our credit in a good way. And make sure you use it! Get the credit karma app and that will help you find out who and what you owe, then work on paying that stuff, for us it’s mainly medical bills. But I love them credit karma app!


If your mom has good credit you can have your name added to something of hers and it will boost your credit.

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Get a copy of your credit history. Read it and fix any problems you see . Some times creditors are sooow at reporting things. If you have fixed and paid items are still showing. Ask them for a letter if balance paid in full and remind them to report it . You can do this your self. Or go to a mortgage lender to apply for your loan he will look up your credit and tell you how to fix it.