Tips on getting 2-year-old to take medicine?

My little one just turned two and has a double ear infection. He has been prescribing an antibiotic. I asked for a flavor to be added to the pharmacy, which they did. He used to be SO good at taking medicine, but now he spits it all over the place. I know how to properly inject it on the side of his cheek away from his tongue so he doesn’t taste it and can just swallow it…but he still spits it everywhere. I have also tried: -Mixing in a small amount of milk for him to drink. -In applesauce, pudding, and ice cream (which semi-worked…but if he doesn’t finish the whole thing, I’m afraid he’s not getting the full dose). -Took his toy away and explained to him that when he took him the medicine, he could have his toy back. I just don’t know what to do anymore. And tips that work for you guys??


Try putting the medicine on the back of his tounge or give him a sucker and try putting it in while he’s eating it

Make a mix if your own medicine and take it the same time he does. Or use the syringe and let him push it himself. I got my grandson to do medicine shot. I would make a game out of it. I would put it in a medicine cup and say okay one, two, three drink it worked for him I would yell yay! You win afterwards

put the medicine in a small cup behind a soda can, put the straw in the small cup, before they know it they will suck it down.

Is there a shot he can get instead?

I had to put my daughter’s in a shot glass, act like I was taking it, then she would, or I’ve been known to to mix it with a soda in a shot glass, she was happy to get a shot of sprite or coke! The THINGS we gotta do!

Do that on the side of the inject it in his cheek but while doing it hold the children nose and wen the child open up its mouth then just but it in there I hand this problem and it worked and but the child on its back while doing it. This was the only way to get my children to take the meds


Have someone else do it

No advice here but I do understand. When my daughter was 2 she refused to take liquid medicine. It was always a struggle. She learned how to take pills early on because she hated the liquid.

I added chocolate syrup straight to the medicine

Maybe the flavor isnt strong enough. Try adding some jello powder to it to flavor it more. Worked for us.

Girl i gotta grad them cheeks cock his head back an make mine take it. He has no option with a double ear infection

Put in a spoonful of yogurt or pudding

Sounds weird but blow in his face sometimes that helps cuz they have swallow what’s in their mouth and get a breath

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Let him drink it out of a shot glass…

Id blow in my sons face it would make him swallow

I just sat down with thd kid in my lap, paper towels at the ready, held them down with one arm with their heads hanging off my leg and I’d shoot it in their cheeks. Don’t let them get up until they swallow.


My daughter had to take a heart medication that was awful tasting and you can’t flavor it because it’s a compound medicine. We would have to use the cheek trick but blow in her face to make her swallow it. It’s was harsh to do but she had to hAve that medication.

I have a infant health kit that came with a cup the has a nipple lid so they can drink it like a mini bottle

I grab my son’s cheeks , insert the medicine to the left almost to the back of his mouth, then I tilt his head back slightly. Be firm & get it over with!