Tips on getting pregnant after a miscarriage?

I had a miscarriage a week and a day ago. My boyfriend and I are eager to try again. My doctor said as soon as my bleeding stops and I’m comfortable with ttc its okay. I have a hard time TTC, and it took almost two years to get pregnant. Is there anything I can do or be prescribed to help the process once I’m ready?


Il so sorry hug

What did you do to get pregnant the first time

I dnt want to suggest what you already have tried

I had a miscarriage in July and got pregnant again in September. After your miscarriage you are more likely to get pregnant. It took me over a year to get pregnant and then got pregnant almost immediately.

Sometimes people get pregnant right after a miscarriage. My daughter got pregnant her next cycle after she miscarried.

My doctor told me when I was trying to have our now six year old to take prenatals even if I wasn’t pregnant yet. We got pregnant with him only 6 months after I got off being on the depo shot for two years.

Maybe try taking prenatal vitamins daily while ttc

Using the OTC ovulation tests helps you pinpoint the best time to “try.”

It took me a year to get pregnant. I changed my diet & started taking prenatals. Dr suggested to ttc after I got my first period after the miscarriage

So sorry to hear :pensive:
We also had a miscarriage it was an ectopic that grew on my c-section scar- we ttc for months & ended up falling pregnant 8 months later- (currently 32 weeks with our rainbow baby.) I got some ovulation kits & fell pregnant that month- they tell you when you ovulate so you can try those 1-2 days, I’m not sure about pills that can help but this may be helpful. Sending you baby dust xx

Trying puts alot of stress on the body. When you are done bleeding just have sex and dont stress about if it got you pregnant, dont think to deep about it. I had 2 miscarriages and got pregnant 1-3 months later and wasnt trying. Both ended in full term pregnancies… Even my OB said not to stress, all I did was track cycle…

Sorry for your loss :slightly_frowning_face: They say the first 3 months after miscarriage you are more fertile. I would talk with your ob and see what they would suggest. Labs to see if there is a hormone imbalance or something that can be treated. If it’s an ovulating thing your doctor can prescribe meds to help with that. Without more information it’s hard to suggest an avenue so going to your doctor would be your best bet.

I literally got pregnant two weeks after having a miscarriage

I had a miscarriage in October of 2015 Needed a D & C and was pregnant that December. My daughter is now 3.
Praying for you!

Take prenatal vitamins and i got pregnaunt 2 weeks after a stillborn with my rainbow bb we were told not to wait prob cause of our age

I got pregnant less than a month after my first miscarriage and my son is 9 now. I’d suggest eating right, drinking enough water and taking prenatal vitamins while ttc.

I took folic acid, prenatals and drank premama tea.

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For all 3 of my kids I lost one right before. I didn’t try, just was extra fertile after my miscarriages. Lots of prayers for your journey :heart:

I had a miscarriage in July and got pregnant in October/ november it also took me 2 years, I heard you are more fertile after a miscarriage.

Fx and prayers for you

Start prenatals if you haven’t already & gives on the acid & caffiene intake