Tips on getting pregnant with PCOS?

So I have PCOS, and I have been struggling with it for about 12 years. I want a child in the worst way. My ex had a baby with another woman, and she is completely out of pic(haven’t heard from her in years), and my ex and I have split, and my stepdaughter lives with me and sees her dad on the weekends. All good and been very content. I have gotten into another relationship and have started talking about babies again. Guys, I am super grateful for my daughter, and I’m not trying to sound otherwise. But I would absolutely love nothing more than to add to our family. Basically, I’m asking if any mammas out there have any tips to help make this possible?? I have been waiting for the fertility doctor. And my current doc has tried me on metformin. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I’m confused, what do you mean you want a child in the worse way? Because your ex had a baby?

Believe it or not starting strict keto has helped a few of my friends get pregnant


Try conceive u can get it at Walmart my cousin same situation as u I had told her about it coz I’m in a group and some women had used it and was talking how good it was and she is now 18 weeks pregnant

The only way I can get pregnant (i have severe pcos, tons of cysts inside the ovaries so I dont ovulate) is to lose a ton of weight. Even if I’m not currently overweight, i have to drop like 20 lbs, have people start worrying about my weightloss type thing, then bam, pregnant.

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I got high (weed) and drunk. 38 years old and have a 10 month old. I’ve been sober since

I took Clomid and have 6 kids. 3 single pregnancies and 1 that was triplets


i have bad pcos… i only took a month of bc and metformin i stopped bc only took it few days and metformin had my period and bam i got pregant a month later after i started the pills… dont giv up have hope and faith… :purple_heart:

Clomid 100mg days 5 through 9. Worked 1st time with both my kids

Don’t think of it. I have PCOS. I don’t get periods and apparently I get pregnant easily lol

It really depends on what’s going on with your body. There are pcos trying to conceive groups. For me I had to take provera to have a period each month until I found maca root. It made my periods regular. But I don’t ovulate on my own so had to take Clomid to ovulate. Also taking mucinex helps. (I used mucus relief from Wal-Mart that is just the generic form) it breaks up cervical mucus to make it more sperm friendly. Make sure you are taking prenatal vitamins as well. You can download an app and track your basal body temperature to see when you ovulate.

I used multiple fertility drugs for eight months due to PCOS. For the first six months I never ovulated even with medicine. I changed my diet and lost 15 pounds. I also had an HSG in the same month. I was pregnant two months later. I think the change in diet and weight loss was the biggest factor.

Talk to your doctor!
I have PCOS and she gave me a pill to help me ovulate!

I just started this thing called ovusense it helps monitor and track your bbt to help you figure your ovulation stuff out because I wasnt sure my body was even ovulating anymore seeing my periods were almost completely absent for some time. And I recently got them back and somewhat know track and have had much better understanding of my cycles now that i am using ovusense and know when I’m close to being fertile and when im not

I’d depends I have pcos and had my daughter through iui and my son through ivf. Metformin and clomid didn’t work for me. I would seek an infertility doctor or an obgyn and see if they can help you.

I also have pcos and suffered from secondary infertility. What worked for me was a low carb diet, 1500 mg XR of metformin & then adding clomid. We also used preseed. I took prenatal vitamins as well… I just had my baby 5 months ago.

I have PCOS and Endometriosis. My husband and I tried for over 8 yrs to have a baby. I had my tubes blown, put on metformin and clomid, and no baby. We couldn’t afford a surrogate, IVF, or adoption. We took a break for about a year, and finally I said I want to try again. My dr preformed a laparoscopy and removed some cysts from my ovaries, scraped my uterus lining, and blew my tubes again. I went in 2 weeks later for a post op appt and was already pregnant (he’snow 6.5 yrs old). 13 months after my healthy son was born, we were surprised with another pregnancy without even trying. We have tried for one more, but haven’t gotten pregnant since my last. We wont try anymore due to me getting older and my youngest (now 4.5 years old) keeps us on our toes 24/7. I know it is hard, but never give up hope. Talk with your dr and see what he recommends is best for you.

With PCOS it’s really up to how your body is. I have it too and was never able to get pregnant. We tried fertility meds with no success and then we were told our ONLY option was IVF and there was no guarantee. We couldn’t afford it so we just gave up trying to get pregnant. I’m overweight and everyone blamed my weight for me not beubg able to get pregnant. But I know skinny women with PCOS and they can’t get pregnant either. We ended up becoming foster parents and adopted our three children through foster care. They are the light of our lives and they were meant to be ours. I can’t picture my life without them.


I was told I have pcos and told it would be hard to conceive… which I was fine with and had a baby ASAP.

The first thing fertility doctors going to do is tell you to start charting your temperatures in Cycles. If you walk in there with that already done you’re going to be ahead of the game. And Metformin isn’t much help, the first thing I usually do is call the Clomid challenge to see if they can get you to ovulate. I have PCOS, two successful pregnancies with the help of fertility doctors. Also your age is a big factor along with lifestyle and health