Tips on helping child with ear wax build up?

My daughter always has a lot of wax or build up in her ear. I’ve brought her to the dr multiple times; she says it’s normal. I’ve cared for children all my life and also have a son who does not get this much wax. I’m talking about lumps of yellow/red wax or build-up. She whines a lot, could that be making her ears bleed? The doctors make me feel crazy when I ask about it, but I’m cleaning them now almost every two days and getting huge build-ups. Any advice or tips is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Definitely take her to an ENT


She may need tubes in her ears

Go to a different doctor, may need tubs put in to help. But…STOP CLEANING THEM, you might be pushing wax back in.


Go to a specialist an ENT


Never qtips soak her head in the tub with her ears in the water . It will work it’s way out . My son had this problem . Mineral oil drops were also suggested but we didn’t use that .
How do you clean them?

Have her lay down,put a capful of peroxide in ears,put a cotton ball, for 15 minutes,then suck it out w an aspirizer,my bf has same problem

Get some liquid colace. 3-4 drops in ear with build up at bedtime. Put a cotton ball in her ear. Do this for a week. This will liquify the wax and it will run out as she sleeps. Completely safe and painless. I do this with patients all the time.


Ear candles work amazing. You. An get them at Walmart

Tubes for sure. She will feel so much better. My grandson got them he is like a new kid. Cleaning them is pushing the wax back in.

Hospital if the doctors are not listening. This can also cause hearing damage so I would get it sorted ASAP


Mineral oil or peroxide is safe to use in ears for cleaning.


I have always used drops of proxide and let it bubble wax out. Then turn head and do other ear while other drain. I let bubble about 2 min


Overactive wax secretions can be a symptom of thyroid disease. Have them run a full thyroid panel including antibodies.


Try an war candle. Gently pulls wax out.


Dr would flush ours with warm water/peroxide with a syringe (no needle).


My daughter gets build up too. Once a week she lays down then i put hydrogen peroxide in her ear. I let it sit for 5 or 10 mins then take that blue bulb snot sucker thing and rinse out the peroxide with room temp water. You’d be surprised how much gunk ive gotten out her ears by doing this.

This was told to me by a doctor. Get yourself a water pick that you clean your teeth with, it works great! It’s like flushing the wax out!

Had this issue as a child and my nose was always stuffed up had to have my adnodes removed…my son also had same issue and got lotta ear infections so got tubes put in. Def get a ear nose throat specialist opinion (ent)

You may need a referral before you can go to an ent. Check your insurance first and if you do need a referral then insist that this isn’t normal.