Tips on helping with morning sickness?

Six weeks five days pregnant, and sicker this time around than I was with my first:( any suggestions on ways to handle it?? Did anyone else’s sickness start this early on?? The last time mine didn’t start till 8,9 weeks. please any advice will be helpful


Stay hydrated! Very very hydrated!
Because once it hits, it hits hard!

Ginger chews … Amazon

Mine started that early too, It was awful. I used seabands and ate hard peppermint candy. Im sorry, I hope it gets better for you!

Monster Rehab are amazing for morning sickness. they have 200% daily B12, and B6

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Take unisom the tablet not gels the night before. I was sick day and night and that helped with all 3 of my pregnancys. U can research it online too

I am currently pregnant, this will be my third baby :blush:… my other two I didn’t really get sick at all, this time my whole first trimester I get sick. I’ve had to learn to sip water consistently and to eat every 2-3 hours literally. Small frequent meals makes all the difference

Saltine crackers, ginger ale, Sprite, bread.

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I’m 13 weeks and ginger ale helps a ton!! Also I was just told B6 vitamins help, haven’t tried the B6 vitamins yet.

Salty tortilla chips saved me

Honestly… nothing helped much. I tried the seabands and they made it worse. I was able to suck on jolly ranchers but even those made me sick after awhile. My doc had me taking benadryl at night and I definitely got more sick during the day without it.

I was sick the whole dam pregnancy lived on ginger tablets and nausea meds and saltines

Anything mint flavored

You might have hyperemesis gravidarum.

Pickles helped with my nausea. I would be nauseaus all day off and on. I ate pickles one day because they sounded good and then the nausea went away. So I started eating pickles and it worked every time

Ginger!! Candied ginger, ginger beer, anything with ginger was a life saver. I was sick as hell my first trimester all three pregnancies. Just now feeling better on this one. Good luck!

I take anti nausea medication prescribed by my doc since all the natural stuff wasn’t cutting it. Zero issues and I feel great.

Small frequent meals, ginger mints from wegmans or ginger ale

Mints. They help settle your stomach a bit

Zofran,crackers,and lots of water