Tips on keeping glasses on a toddler?

Can anyone give me ideas on how to keep glasses on a two-year-old boy? He keeps taking them off and hiding them around the house. He wears solo bambino due to having a lazy eye and astigmatism. We got the glasses in mid-December.


My heart goes out to you… I’m struggling keeping my 3 and 1 year olds in clothes at all…

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Omg I know the feeling. My girl is 3 n takes em off… with her glasses they come with a strap thing. To go around her head n also I have the option of taking off the handles n putting on clip on elastic strap too but she still takes em off

2 is a hard age…my son is 6 with the same issues and we have a hard time keeping them on him.
Do they irritate him? Like his nose and ears? Best thing i can think of is to just keep putting them on him and make them as comfortable as possible

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No ideas but I bet he’s the cutest darn thing with them on!

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My daughter is 5 and wont wear her glasses like she suppose to she wore them up until someone made fun of her

I built up to my son wearing them all day. A strong prescription is going to hurt their eyes. Now my son loves his glasses and refuses to be without them. He’s 3. Try an hour one day. 2 the next and so on.


I swear I wanna super glue my daughters to her face :rofl: I have no answer for you

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A sports strap really helps. My son was 3 when he got his and we had to patch and wear glasses (also a lazy eye) and we bought him a strap to keep them on when we first got his glasses and he never takes them off.

Its hard do the have a strap. My daughters have a strap. It helps but kids dont like things on them at this age. Its a battle

Bribe her. If she wears her glasses all day she gets a treat after dinner

My son was the same age when he got his glasses, for the same reasons. He wears dilli dallis which are similar. We keep the strap on even now that he’s 5. We also had to patch one of his eyes for quite some time. He never fought any of it, but we explained how important it was for his eyes so he wouldn’t need surgery, and we also rewarded him with build a bear when he first got them. We all wear glasses so that helps too. Maybe if you don’t you could get a pair without the rx and show him it’s okay.

My daughter is 9 has been wearing glasses since she was 2. Never had a problem. We stressed to her the importance of them. Keep after him or her.

My daughter was 4 when she started wearing glasses. Same issues for about a year. She broke 4 or in the first 6 mos. I don’t have advise for you for keeping them on. I do advise you to put a protection policy on them. It does get better! My daughter can’t live without them now.

My son got his at 4, and he’s done an amazing job at wearing them, but any younger and it would’ve been such a battle. May the odds be in your favor!

When they prescribe glasses to my 3 year old I decided to were glasses with him I secretly told him Lucas and mommy are cool because both of us were glasses

My son got glasses when he was 2.5, we got and adjustable strap to keep them on, we found it helped as because they stopped moving so much they didnt bother him as much, and we didnt make a big deal about keeping them on, just kept putting them back on casual, i did have to bribe him with lolly pops if he kept his eye patch on the whole time without a fuss though

Miraflex brand has a safety strap

Just keep putting them back on. No matter how many times a day. 2 of mine wear glasses and started at a very young age.

My 2 year old wears glasses aswell she never keeps them on I’m constantly having to put them back on drives me nuts :joy: x