Tips on potty training a two year old girl

How did you potty train your 2 1/2 year, old daughter???


Put a potty chair on the toilet and bought undies. Waited for her to be ready

My daughter was sooo easy, started her on her 2nd birthday, on a Monday, by Friday it was a done deal, no accidents even at night, but the boy, was a whole another story…lol

Just purchased a portable potty and some underwear. Put them on the potty like every 30 mins they learned quick and where trained before 2

My daughter just did it one day. It was crazy. I had tried a little potty training a few months before her second birthday with no results, so I figured I’d wait a little and try again at 2. Then about a month before her second birthday, I heard the toilet flush one day and panicked. Ran in and she was on the toilet. She said “i peed,” and that was that. She just decided it was time.

Currently potty training my 21 month old son, but I’m being pretty lax about it. We’re mainly getting him used to the words and to sitting on the toilet. We watch potty training songs on my phone while he sits on the toilet and sing along (keeps him from flushing the toilet thirty times). He’s peed twice and pooped three times on the toilet just doing this, but again we’re not actively trying too hard either. Still working on telling us before he goes potty instead of after, but he’s not even 2 yet and he’s definitely learning.

3 day method. Super easy. Worked for my daughter and my son. My twin boys it didn’t work with however.

Mini m&ms worked great with our oldest. And our youngest just got it on her own.

While working in child care. One of my “Duties” was potty training. There is was a lot easier for me to put them straight into panties because I didn’t to worry about them peeing the couch or entire carpet and I knew exactly when they went. Getting them on a schedule to sit and try. After a few days you will notice their schedule and it will help. We had one of those toilet cover seats for kids and stool. When it was time for them to go and try, I would take whatever they where playing with and put it up so it was “safe” from the other kids. There was a time we were painting and it was a little girl turn and she had an accident on herself. By the time I got her cleaned up and changed it was time for lunch so she didn’t get to paint. I explained to her that I am sorry but there is a schedule I have to stick by and that since she had an accident, that time for her to paint was spent helping her. (I planned on letting her paint after nap but she got picked up early). The next day she came running to me during play saying, I popped on the potty! I was excited for her and she looks at me and says, since I didn’t have an accident can I spend that time painting? Even though it was not craft time you can bet that she got to paint. I know that she didn’t understand to the fullest of what I was saying but she knew that pooping on the potty didn’t take as much time as having an accident and needing to be clean up. I also did the same when outside. I explained to the children that by letting me know they have to go and going inside will be a lot faster than having an accident and having to be changed. I explained this because as a child having to stop and go potty isn’t as much fun as playing. So if they thought they had more play time, it was a bonus. I didn’t really do rewards charts because honestly I was terrible with keeping up with it. They would get some praised words, a hug, a dance, or something special in that moment. I always made sure to let the parents know when they picked up the progress that they made so that could make them proud too. If it wasn’t a good day, I always explain that they were really into what they were doing and attempt to make it. That way they didn’t get discouraged. I understand being home is a lot different but just a few ideas that I had. There was also a little girl who was struggling. I asked her what her favorite princess was, she told me all of them. So I got her a pack of princess undies. As I was helping her change into them and I asked her if she was going to pee on them. She look at me in shock and said no, that would be mean. When her dad pick her up she was so happy that she ran to her dad screaming that she didn’t pee on a princess. I explained it to him. And he was shocked that something that simple worked. I also had a child who wouldn’t go. She would hold it all day and night til they put a diaper on her. (Yes she went to the doctors about it) she got a potty watch off of Amazon that vibrated when it was time for to go. It work wonders for her. She was four when she got potty trained. Sorry if I seem like I am rambling to giving ideas and examples. I guess the best advice I could give is to talk ans explain why going on a potty is such a fun and exciting thing.

In the same boat. My 2.5 year old girl wants nothing to do with it. She cries when I even mention trying her potty chair.

I even tried letting her pick the panties, pick out her potty, and giving her a sticker chart/rewards.

Shes just not into it.

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I just put the potty in front of their favorite movie. Big girl panties went a long way with my stepdaughter. She liked being big. Her sister was a bathroom party girl :rofl::joy: she had to clap and yell! I sounded insane for a month or so. Just keep trying until you find what works.

I had each of my three children potty trained by 2-years of age. My daughter was actually easier, to potty train, than her two brothers.

My mother always said spend an entire weekend in the house with training pants on, let them pee their pants. Repeated trips to the potty over and over and over again even if they don’t think they have to go. Buy the nighttime pull-ups and stop buying diapers, you have to be as committed as your child… Great luck to each of you, it’s a process for sure.


Luckily we had many cousins and friends around the same age. So our children learned from one another. What REALLY helped was we had a policy of “anyone can have an accident. No biggie. Put your training pants in the hamper, put on a fresh pair, go get the child sized mop and clean it up.” Once the girls were pretty well settled into having it down we got them big girl pants with lots of ruffles and other things big girls have. For the boys there was a line of superhero underwear.

I used a timer with my Grandchild to go off every hour during the Day took about a week

Our 2.5 grandaughter had to be potty trained to move up to the 3/4 yr old class. We went to Hawaii for 10 days & stayed in a 2 bed/2 bath condo. She basically trained herself while in shorts or a swimsuit all the time. We got home toward the end of August & she moved up to the 3/4 yr old class.

You don’t. You wit until she says she wants panties…typically closer to 3…I have 5 girls


I am working with my 20mth old now! We just go about every hour and using pull ups but she working towards big girl panties and almost there

I started to keep her pull-ups off her completely. She was uncomfortable going on herself without one on so she started to finally use her little potty i got her.

All my 3 girls were potty trained by age 1 year 6 most . you just let the. Know that mommy goes pee and poop and when they do had e a accident call it what it is and in time they put them together

I’m struggling with this also… my niece is 2 and she absolutely will not sit on the toilet or potty chair!!! I have no value what to do!