Tips on starting potty training?

My son will be 3 in March, and I really want to start potty training him, but he is my first kid, so I never potty trained a toddler before and have no clue how to do it… I have pull-ups, and boy training underwear…he knows what the potty is and sat on it multiple times but won’t use it and says he’s done and wants off…help, please. Thank you!


Just keep sitting him on the potty he will get the concept and just ask him if he has to go potty

My son will also be 3 in March. I’m in the same boat. We went on a streak where he peed in the potty and pooped in it once. But, since then we doesn’t seem interested anymore :weary: he’ll get on the toilet make pee notices or poop notices and then say done :weary:

His pedi told me that when he’s ready, he’s ready. But, I just get worried that he’s just not gonna be ready on his own.

My last resort is potty every 30 minutes.

My son knew what the potty was sat on it from time to time, he showed no interest in potty training until the day of his 3rd birthday. He got batman undies and wanted to wear them right away and ran straight to the potty to use it… everyday from that point on he used the potty… all kids will use it, on their own time and will when they are ready… what helped us was making a huge deal out of him using the potty… everytime he peed we danced, cheered and sang a potty song letting him know how proud we were… when he finally pooped we cheered, danced and gave him a prize now hes 100% potty trained

I know some might now agree with this but if you stay at home all day with your little one then just let him run around with a big t shirt and no diaper. I did it with my son and he quickly caught on to the fact that there was nothing on him to catch his pee/poop so he ultimately went to his potty! If you do try it I hope it helps! I tried the Cheerios trick and giving him a treat and all that but those weren’t as fast and effective as my own little method!


My son was like that we tried everything we could think of including just putting him in underwear like our pediatrician suggested and eventually he would get it…:unamused: nothing work until he was ready he will be 4 in April and just two weeks ago he woke up and decided he wanted to wear underpants to preschool instead of a pull up.

I’m just starting w my son that will be 3 in may. We got him comfortable just sitting on it. Next I bought his favs dum dum suckers, he gets one every time he pees on potty. We make it a big deal! Going to change to stickers and sucker only for poop. Getting closer and not doing any power struggles, positive and praise only.

We use ipad or a phone. We play games or read. Gets rewards after going

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I sat my middle son for on the potty backwards and let him color on the seat with a dry erase marker. Once he went the first time he was okay with it. He will be 3 in April and is now 100% potty trained. Pull ups did not work at all for us. Training underwear is what worked because he didn’t like the feeling when he went potty in them. I also let him pick his favorite out plans told him is he went potty in them they went to the trash. After throwing 2 pair away (yes it waste money but worked) he had no more accidents

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I would have him try often and make it “fun”. Maybe every 45min- 1hr. You could read a book to him or sing a song while he’s sitting to get him to sit longer. If he does go on the potty make it a big deal and you could give him a small reward (such as a sticker, tattoo, m&m, sucker, etc) just don’t push him to much or it could set him back. Good luck!

Take him to the potty 20 minutes after eating or drinking. Consistency is key. Be patient and loving but be firm. Also, if you get off the 20 minute cycle of taking him to the bathroom after eating/drinking… then make sure to take him once an hour.

Like others have said keep sitting him on it but you could also try reading books to him whilst he is sat on it or do an activity that involves sitting down make it a fun game for him

Potty songs & special potty treats did the trick for us. Making it fun and exciting and lots of praise when they do go on the potty

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Should at least least have a potty training toilet. But you’re like waaaaay behind. My babies started potty training at 6 months and fully trained by 2. Gotta get to it.


I did a few things when it came to my boy. My daughter was first so my son was a whole new ball game. Positive reinforcement worked the best for me. I went to the dollar store and got “prizes”. Any time he went on the potty he got to pick a prize, but if he went in the pull up he had to give it back. He learned quickly that he didn’t like having to give it back. I also kept a Tupperware bowl of fruit loops in the bathroom. Toss one in and tell him to try to “pee” in the hole. Teaches them aim and it was like a game!

Start asap. Typically around 18 months is a good time to start sitting them on it and getting them used to it. 3 is a bit late to start. Take him every 30 minutes or so and put him on the potty. When he goes make a big deal out of it and give him a reward such as a sticker or a piece of candy or a small prize. When he has an accident dont get mad or yell but calmly tell him he needs to go in the potty and not in his underwear and have him help clean it up.

You might get him somethin to stand up on. My son would never use the training potty and was weird about sitting on the big boy potty. He learned to pee standing up

I didn’t use pull ups as my son just thought it was a fun diaper but cherrios helped so much. Just put one or two in at a time tell him it’s a game to “shoot” them down

Is he showing signs he is ready? I tried when my daughter was 2 and she was not interested at all and eas hysterical when i sat her on her potty so I started playing potty time videos and songs from you tube amd she eventually came around on her own. She will be 3 in march and she is fully potty trained. It only took us a month. Good luck!

If there’s a Male around ask him to help out.