Tips on switching from breastfeeding to bottle?

My bubs four months old and breastfed, any tips on getting her on a bottle? I’ve tried multiple times, and she doesn’t want any of it, I tried pumping and a couple different formulas/bottles too! don’t get me wrong I love to breastfeed, but it’s exhausting and could really do with some help


Mine never would take it, regularly, when we tried at 14 weeks… But, try having someone else feed her, do not be present for the first few feedings.

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Leave and have someone else try. They will want to nurse if it’s momma there. That may help.


I’m sure you tried everything but try to feed before they get to the “crying hungry” stage. Different flow nipple might be the issue weather it’s too much or too little. Try skin to skin while bottle feeding for the first few tries it might be your smell they crave too.

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Best advice I can give is … letting someone else feed her from the bottle (if allowable). My son is 9 month and we had a hard time with formulas too but he takes super well to HappyBaby Orgiancs plus breast milk … also we went through several bottles with my middle son. He ended up preferring the lansinoh momma bottles were as my 9m old only would use Dr browns with preemie flow nipple. Good luck :blush:

Get someone else to give her the bottle. She can smell the breast milk on you and would rather that

We used Nuk natural nipples and had dad do the feeding while I was in a different room. If she could smell me she wouldn’t take a bottle.

Experiment with different types of nipples and have someone else try giving the bottle if you can

Try mixing both little by little to introduce… dont start off with just formula straight

Have someone else do it. Or just stay firm. Hungry and they will cave

Some babies just do not take bottles. We tried 7 bottles and she refused every single one. Our pediatrician recommended a sippy cup. And she took to it right away. We like the Munchkin brand, you can find them on amazon.

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The only bottles my kids would take were the avent bottles because the tops are wide and the nipples seem more like the really thing

They have those bottle with baggie and u get them because they have the same shape as mommie breast, try them, their great.