Tips on taking a toddler to a grocery store?

Baby wear lol or snacks.

My toddler likes sitting in the cart part not the seat more room

We put my 2 year old in the basket part. Give him a baggy of snacks and my phone.

All these people saying take toys. Take a tablet. Let her do this… let her do that. Idk how old she is, but pay no attention to her. You’re the mother, she’s the child. She needs to learn. All you’re teaching her by giving her a tablet to watch or buying her a toy is encouraging her behavior. And screw the “angry looks”. I don’t care what anyone says, at one point or another, every child has thrown a fit in public. This means that ever parent, even the ones throwing dirty looks, has been in your shoes. When mine were little, I would embarrass them. If they started throwing a fit and crying, I would start throwing a fit and crying. That usually worked. Made me look like an idiot in the store for 5 minutes, but my kids didn’t do it to many more times. I also engaged my toddlers when at the grocery store. I would ask them to help me. Ex. Should we get the red one or the blue one? The big one or the little one? This one or that one? Etc. it occupied them.


I let mine sit in the back part because he’s too big for the front. Also, I bribe my kid (not ashamed lmao)…I tell him if he’s good, he can have a cookie (or whatever I have that I know he likes). If he starts to act up, I remind him there’s a cookie /etc. waiting for him at home.
I also try to make trips quick, 30 mins or less. For big grocery hauls, I do online order or have him stay home with hubby.

Woolworths do a delivery in 1 hr and 40 mins makes life so much easier with 3 kids who hate going food shopping

I have 2 and 3 year olds. The 2 year old rides on the riding part of buggy and 3 year old helps push the buggy. If they cry, they cry. Business as usual. I do what I have to do with screaming children. They will survive and you will survive the people staring.

I try not to reward bad behavior. I feel like giving snacks, phones, or distractions is rewarding the child and he/she learns to scream to get rewarded.

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I put my son in the main basket. How is she at walking? I know it’s a pain having to help them and make sure they don’t go Cookie Monster on the shelves, but I let my son walk the first few aisles and then he ends up tired enough to ride. Also, I bribe him. If he gets grumpy, he can watch Baby Shark on my phone, in the cart sitting down, til we leave. Do I get dirty looks? Yep. Do I give a rat’s ass? Nope, bc I’m getting the groceries peacefully and he’s happy for a while.

children have to learn

Usually my 1.5year old rides in the basket. If he gets antsy we move to the big basket. If that doesn’t work I let him down and “employ” him to help me by putting stuff in the basket. When that falls apart I have a cute little backpack with a leash that I put on him. If that fails he goes back in the small basket and gets buckled in until he can behave again.

Sometimes it all fails and I spend the whole trip ignoring glares from judgy people and I dont care anymore.

I find giving them “tasks” can help. Like helping me find things or pointing out colors or putting things in the basket etc etc etc.

if I’m too tired and emotionally drained to deal with any of that (Its WORK and takes ALOT of energy and devotion) i wait until Dad and Older brother can come and then we divide and conquer lol

Mmmmm maybe book the grocery spot on Wednesday and then go pick up milk bread and what ever else you need but can throw in the basket, and walk holding their hand. This is what changed my toddlers grocery behaviour. It’s frustration from wanting to be free. So they be free, while holding your hand, and then I just get the pull along basket. So much easier than reinforcing bad behaviour. Aaaand then they get to feel grown for a bit.

I got a cart cover that has toys and a slot you put your phone in and zip it so they can play a game while you shop!

Video tape the child throwing a fit and show him/her what they look like doing that. Don’t cave or bribe. That’s only starting bad habits. Make a list have them hold it and go
Over it with them so they are included to. It doesn’t have to be a real list. Ask them for there opinions on different items. And simply praised them for doing a good job.

My son just turned 2 and I really dont want to chase him so he sits in the cart and I make up silly songs and dance with the cart…it keeps him entertained and we have a great time shopping.

Snacks! Let her hold random stuff from your cart until she’s bored and give her something else.

I play a game with my son find something blue find something red do u see a circle ect. Teaching and having fun!

I let my girls help me push the cart, or I let them sit in the basket of the cart. Give them my phone with a movie or for them to do art on an app on my phone.

Two words. Grocery pick up :rofl:

Basket part, and behave or you don’t get to come. I have picked them up and walked out of the store once or twice. Then when they ask why they can’t come I tell them point blank. Also make sure they are not hungry.

Look for the store with the car carts.