Tips on taking a toddler to a grocery store?

I always bribed my kids with the free cookie from the bakery. No cookie until we’re heading the check out and only if they sat or walked good while shopping… I have 2 boys a year apart so it wasn’t easy getting them to not act like fools that belong on WWE :rofl: but it worked well enough.

You strap her in. You tell her that is where she sits and she has to put the seatbelt. People will absolutely stare at u when she screams. But ur parenting your child, dont care about the looks. You show her when u go to the store that is how it has to be and she will learn. It might take 3 times, or it could take 50. But dont let other random people interfere with you parenting your child! If she begins to be too much you take her outside until she decides to calm down, mayb its 5min or maybe its an hour. But u have to teach her how she has to behave when u go out. Ignore the stares from others!!! Good luck


Make a list that has pictures and make it like a hunt. As you pick up you get your groceries have then check them off the list. That way they think they’re helping and keeps them entertained

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My daughter is a supermarket nightmare lol. She can get the buckles undone and will stand in the seat part so I tried snacks and putting her in the big part neither worked coz she would start trying to throw our items out of the trolley. I have purchased a harness thing from baby city it’s a backpack for her to wear and me to hold the lead part. So far it’s working! And I dont have a miserable time trying to juggle her and the shopping. Shes 1 and half.

My youngest does best when she’s helping. Like getting things for me, putting things in the basket, etc. she likes to walk :woman_shrugging: I’m about to strap her leash on though

Though I have had to shop while she was crying before :woman_shrugging:

Like, I’m not the type of parent who stops what I’m doing because she’s throwing a fit. I have things to do. Wether she’s crying or not, we finish shopping lol

I think the big reason toddlers throw tantrums is because they want you to stop and pay attention to them. That doesn’t fly in my house. Tantrums get 0 attention and F anyone who gives me a dirty look :joy::woman_shrugging:

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I bring snacks. Always! :joy: or I let her watch videos on my phone.

Bring the iPad or just giver her your phone for videos/games.

As with everything in life, toddlers need to be taught the rules. Buckle her in and give her some special snacks or an item to entertain her. Keep trips with her very short and positive, longer trips without her. If she didn’t like being buckled in her car seat I’m guessing she would still be buckled in for the ride no matter the reaction. Always safety first. I’ve made many a trips with a screaming toddler, consistency and remind her of the rules and pretend the crying doesn’t bother you during check out :joy:

Give her stuff to put in the trolley behind her, help mummy do the shopping, keep her busy

Put her in the actual cart? Let her stand then just pile on the groceries :woman_shrugging:.

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I’m getting a mini cart so my baby can shop with me. He’s super active and it seems like a good idea. He likes to help

Mine goes through stages of doing well and being a terror in the grocery store. She is almost three and banned from coming to stores with me for the time being. Last time was HORRENDOUS and I just needed a few things. When I feel brave again I’ll start with small trips and then start teaching if you can’t behave while shopping we will go home.

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Tablet and snacks… keep her eyes, mouth and hands busy :woman_shrugging:t2:

Put in the bigger part. Throw some snacks in there with their iPad (or your phone if they don’t have one of their own)…whatever it takes with life already being a bit extra right now!

I worked retail for 25 years. Strap your child in I would rather listen to a fit of crying than see her topple out of the cart and hit her head so hard she is unconscious for a moment or her hanging over the side of the cart so far she catches her head on the metal corner of a fixture and blood is squirting all over. Yes I have seen this. Giving a child their way is not always the way. You wouldn’t let one run wild in a busy parking lot please do not let them make decisions they are not mature enough to make.


I bought a SmartTrike , I push that and drag the cart behind me. It’s really easy and my daughter enjoys it and makes shopping so much easier. We take it every where and it folds up super small

My toddler is 2 and she just enjoys strapping her self in and out, keeps her busy, I also spin the trolley round and make it like a little game, I may look silly but she loves it

Snacks and videos on my phone when he gets too antsy.

You are the parent, not her… Now is the time for her to know that. My girls never, and I mean never acted up when we were shopping. Had many compliments too!

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