Tips on the adoption process?

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the place to ask, but I would like to have an anonymous post? My fiance and I are looking at looking into adoption since I am no longer able to have children due to PCOS. We were just wondering if any moms on here have adopted or had any extra tips on the process? We are right now just looking into everything and trying to learn what we can before making any decisions. We want to be educated about it before anything else. Side note: he has three children from a previous marriage, and I have a child from a previous marriage, we have decided though that we also want a child together. we have been together for four years and are getting married in June of 2020


I adopted 2 kids from foster care. While it’s difficult at times due to trauma past, I wouldn’t change it for anything and so blessed to have our kiddos.


I second what Elaine Morse Hodnett says. It’s not always easy to adopt through foster care but usually they help with expenses. Each state is different. Look into state laws, some states have a minimum amount of time you have to be married before they allow adoption unless is totally private.

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Look into fostering first. A lot of children in the system that need homes.

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Because they are not allowed with decent family because of the adoption funds… Happening everywhere… They keep in foster, while all along, family step in with good background pass all home studies… But terminate rights, so can adopt… Took baby cousin I passed everything brought her home every Wednesday for a year and they sold to strangers in court room… Corruptt. Make sure the child you adopt , does not have a loving family in that Court room. Adopt a child that actually don’t have family… You can Google all this, several ppl on Johnson county, .my little cousin was 2 , now 9 lives 20 miles away and has 3 sisters in family… Ask questions! This started with the Clinton’s… Good luck to you in finding a child that needs adopted​:pray::pray: think about it, not unfit, when they have all 3 sisters :ribbon:

Check out …

Very helpful
Good luck with everything ! :grinning:

Talk to DHHS about foster parenting children In state custody. It is how many fosters eventually adopt.


We adopted two of our children as newborns through out of TX. It was an amazing experience! Definitely find an agency that fits your needs and get started. The sooner the better since the wait is unpredictable. :blush:

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I have PCOS and unable to conceive; my husband and I just completed our adoption of our 2 perfect twin boys. We began with an agency, but ended up doing a private adoption. Our agency did a great job of getting our home studies together and a profile book for them to show to birth parents. We kept them for our post placements, too.

I have adopted 3 going through Cps/dhs and there is little to no financial cost on the adoption process. So many kids out there needing homes, look into it. I love my babies!


i have no advice about adopting but i have pcos and am currently pregnant … i thought itd be impossible but surprise lol

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The best place to start is to interview a bunch of different adoption agencies, find one that aligns with your beliefs and intentions and that has fees and counselors that you are comfortable with and then ask them about your options.
There are a lots of different ways to and types of adoptions, and
A lot of things to consider.

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Pcos does not mean you cannot have children anymore. I have always had it and I have 5 healthy children. I also know some who after pregnancy their pcos got better, including myself. I still hurt from occasional cyst but nothing like it used to be. But I think adoption is also a wonderful choice! Either way I wish you the best of luck❤

I have pcos and have a child. It’s not impossible

That amazing … But keep trying I tried for 10 and I got my daughter last year so … You never know don’t say never… Even my doctor cry when she find out I was pregnant

The doctors told me I could never have kids, even tried fertility drugs and nothing happened. Then I lost 100 lbs and got with a guy who wants to have sex every single day. (With PCOS, you ovulate a lot less than most , so having sex every day for 3-6 months can definitely help make sure you catch every chance at an egg you can). I’m not sure which of those things it was that helped me, or a combination, but I now have 2 little boys who I am so grateful for. I also have some friends who adopted a 4 year old boy through bethany Christian services and they didn’t pay anything. Plus, if you do pay anything, you can write it off on your taxes. Good luck either way, doesn’t matter how your baby gets to you, you will love him or her the same no matter what <3