Tips on traveling with a newborn?

You all I have lost my mind. I’m due at the beginning of May and have agreed on a beach trip at the end of June. It’s a 9.5-hour drive for us (without the frequent stops I know we’ll be making). Has anyone else done something like this with a newborn and have any tips on things to for sure bring for baby versus things that aren’t really necessary?? or just any advice in general. I am planning on breastfeeding, but I did have to formula feed my second, so I know that could be a possibility also. I have older kids, but we never made trips this far with them as newborns. This will be all of our kid’s first time to the beach, which is part of the reason I’m set on going. Thanks!


Get out of the car often it’s not good for them to ride in their car seat that long


Commenting because I too need this advice.

We travel with our breastfed newborn on 6 hour trips and I feed and change him while my husband gets gas and take the bigger kids to the bathroom. He usually sleeps the whole time so we try to do it later in the day/into the night or very early so we don’t mess up his schedule. Also better traffic at those times

Perfect age to travel with! We always google parks when traveling. Kids play, I feed!

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I’ve heard a newborn should never be in a car seat for more than 2 hours :woman_shrugging:t2:


I traveled 8.5 hours with my son when he was a month old. I would stop every two hours to let my dogs out and to feed the nugget… if leave him out of his seat for about 45 min if not more at a time he did really good and I didn’t have any issues:) good luck:)


I have done it, multiple times…

We flew with a 2 months old, 4 hours in the first plane, 9 hours in second plus lay over.
I also drove 16 plus hours with a 2 months old and then with a 6 months old (second child) …
Honestly, newborn stage is the best stage to do long trips. From my personal experience is when they usually sleep through it due to the white noise. Also they are not so aware of noises so they sleep uninterrupted when other people/older kids talk/yell around them.

Toys are not helpful at this stage so I would advise that all the prepping you do is for you and the rest, ways to make things comfortable and convenient.
For me, having a breastfeeding friendly shirt made all the difference, also a good baby carrier helps.

So, we did this with my 7 week old. What was an easy 8 hour drive turned into an excruciating 14 hour nightmare. You will have to stop constantly to feed, plus your older ones won’t use the bathroom when you asked, so extra stops for that. If you can, send husband with older ones in the car, while you and newborn fly to wherever you’re going. That way all the stuff makes it to the beach and you and baby are less stressed.

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Make sure and stop often , also bring essentials remember your baby will be sleeping a lot on the trip. Don’t forget the stroller, floaties and bathing suits for the baby. Also Oregon coast just lost a 4 year old to the sea so please watch your kids like a freaking hawk.

Gas cooker and a large flask. Water stays hot for at least 12 hours if not longer.

I make an 9 hour trip when my son was 3 weeks old. Frequent stops is really the most important thing, they shouldn’t be in the car seat for more than 2 hours without breaks. We would just pull over for about 20 mins for so, get up and walk around and I’d feed in the car just before we headed out again. Its good for adults to get up and walk around after 2 hours anyways because you could end up with blood clots or DVT. And I sat in the backseat with my son.

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no matter how well you plan! dont stress. cvs and walgreens everywhere ! pack long sleeves and long pants sun hat for the little one. They say not to use sun screen on nbs.Tons of liquid and fruit for the car. My kids always wanted to leave at 4am. that sounds horrible but great idea. Babys freshly changed and had first feeding, and traffic is light.By 830 everyong is still in a good mood for breakfast . They nap till lunch. Just have plan b for rain.good luck

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I traveled with a 4 week old 11 hrs. I pumped one bottle for him to start then let my older kids feed him that bottle. After that, we stopped to nurse and change him. He slept most of the way. It wasnt a bad trip at all. Ive traveled with all my kids when they were under 2 months old. Just know that your trip will be longer and find something to interest the other kids along the way. We made a point to not do drive thru so everyone got extra time out of the car. I never let the baby sleep while we werent driving so they would sleep while we were. I also drive as much as possible in evening and at night.

I would bring as much as you can to simplify & organize while preparing for the worst. Pack Lysol wipes, paper towels, trash bags, anything you can think of.

If u end up needing warm bottles check out

My kids have gone on trips as young as a few weeks old. It’s no big deal really. Make sure baby will have a safe sleeping space. Bring all the supplies you think you’ll need and double it. ESPECIALLY clothes. Plan for frequent breaks when driving and try to leave your “schedule” open to accommodate feedings. Baby can NOT be on the beach all day. It’s too hot. Have fun! :slight_smile:

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In the UK medical advice states we should stop every 2 hours and let them have at least 45 mins out of the carseat each stop

This advice has been given after several infant deaths across the UK

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If you can, drive through the night that way older kids sleep and you will only have to worry about the little one. I’d try to pump some beforehand for bottles in case baby needs to eat and you’re not at a place you can stop. I’d also recommend sitting in back so that you can keep an eye on him/her and make sure their head isn’t in a weird angle, which can restrict breathing.


I went from socal to montana 2 weeks after my youngest was born, they sleep a lot so you’ll be fine. Just stop and get lots of cuddles :slight_smile:

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