Toddlers and getting them to eat

What can I do my almost 2 year old is refusing to eat


They eat eventually just keep offering. Get some pediasure or generic brand to atleast get some calories in em.

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If you have tried all the usual threats then maybe liquidise the food in something she likes

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Just gotta discover what she likes. My baby liked fruit flavored baby food mixed with her cows milk. It was like a smoothy

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Mine did this, it was an ear infection.

Figure out why…is the type of foods, texture did they have a traumatic experience or maybe they just aren’t ready…each child goes thru something in their growing yrs…

Mu kid did that before…just keep offering food. THEY definitely will eat when they are hungry!

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We give our son a carnation good start chocolate drink usually later in the day to make sure he gets some good nutrition. We try to like wait him out lol but he’s a butt hes 3 and hates eating. I do give him the things he will sometimes eat like chicken nuggets that I make in the toaster oven or pizza once a week but I don’t want him to get in the habit of junk. He does eat a TON of bananas :woman_shrugging: his dr said he’s still in a healthy weight and not to worry but not to feed into bad eating habits like junk food. So we try and every day he gets his “chocolate milk” protein drink. Sometimes I even give him high protein fiber bars as his “candy bar” I try to sneak nutrition in lol

I work for a pre school state ran pre school and we at kids in there that will not eat a anything but by the end of the year they are eating keep serving it it can take up to 30 times of serving something before they will eat it do not cater to them cook a variety of fruits and vegetables and meals they will eat when they Are hungry. Do not stress out or make it a big deal then they know they have control and that will make it worse. Kids often use food as a means of controlling something in their life especially after an event that has happened.

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Look don’t be worrying my 29 year old daughter after weaning decided at 2 that all she would eat was Campbell meatballs and easy single cheese she was that thin you could see through her took her to the doctors and he said if that’s what she eats give it to her cos when she’s an adult she be fine now she eats everything seafood sushi stuff id vomit over

Finger foods my 2 year old loves to eat. Anything he doesn’t need a utensil to eat with he will eat.

Small meals no more than one tablespoon of three different foods , children get full off just 1 bite when a plate is full or two much going on , leave snakes out healthy ones for toddlers will eat when they get hungry it’s more important to keep them hydrated so hang in there for this stage will pass then you’re gonna need to buy groceries daily :joy:

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Like the Dr said to Me “there are days We don’t feel like eating and nobody forces Us so just keep her hydrated and she will eat when she is hungry just keep offering”. Don’t stress mama you are doing great!!!

They will eat when they are hungry set food on the table and they will come eat it when hungry in my experience.

Dont give them snacks theyll eventually get hungry and eat


No snacks or junk. They will eat when hungry. Leave things on table within reach

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I had that same problem with my youngest daughter. The pediatrician said to keep reintroducing foods, it takes 13 times being served before they decide on like or dislike. But she mostly ate yogurt. She still won’t eat meats.

My 3 yr old doesn’t finish her dinner so it sits at the table and she goes back to eat it when she’s hungry

im having a hard time getting my 15 month old to eat and drink water. i think hes teething. all he wants is milk and pushes everything else away

Take the baby into the kitchen to prepare the food.
They’ll do a lot when they’re interested.