TRIGGER WARNING- Abuse. My sister has a history of abusing me: How can I move on?

I need advice. I am 29; my sister is 31. Ever since I can remember, I have been abused by my sister in all forms; guilt trips, control, molestation, verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. I finally told my mom when I was 16, and it seemed to cool down for a bit- at least the physical part did. We worked hard to build a good relationship, and I had developed trust in her. Fast forward to now. My mom died, the company my fiance and I worked for closed down and laid everyone off. My fiance and I made the decision to send our three children to stay with my sister, her husband, and their kids while we attain new jobs. (We don’t want them involved in the mess losing our jobs created). This weekend while I was at her house visiting after my aunt’s funeral, we got into a disagreement about a minor issue (my youngest kids’ sleep routine). Instead of talking it out, my sister attacked me in front of my children. She tackled me, sat on my chest, punching me, and then proceeded to choke me. I stayed calm because my kids were in hysterics at this point, and my sister eventually let me go. She called the police to have me removed from her home. When I told her she would go to jail for an assault she panicked, threatened, and forced me to lie to the police, using my kids as a threat against me. I waited until the next morning and left with my children. How do I move on? She broke every ounce of trust my kids and i I had in her and her husband. I vowed to never speak with her again, and that hurts because I know that means I won’t have contact with my nieces. I don’t know how I’m supposed to handle this, so I guess I’m just hoping someone may have some helpful advice or words of motivation. Thanks for reading.


Been there (although ive NEVER felt comfortable enough to allow said sibling to be around my kids alone) best to cut her off now hon

I think you need to just move on full stop :raised_hand: this woman is nuts you don’t need that crap in your life sorry but she sounds toxic


How do you send your kids to live with your sister that molested you when you were a kid???

You did the right thing of you and your kids leaving. I would seek professional help for all the rest.


remove her from your lives. No one deserves to be abused for any reason, especially by someonw that is family…walk away and dont look back.


Are you kidding me? You sent you kids to go be messed with? Wtf?


You need to go file a police report because I want you to have it on file for those children future if that is how she acts then she is more than likely going to turn on them one day and you filing a report now might help the children down the road so you can show proof of abuse. This is very very tragic but focus on the children.


you’re better off without her

Call the police on her. Screw her threats. Get a restraining order and order of protection for your kids. Get the crazy bitch out of your life.

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Run… don’t look back. Keep your distance. She’s toxic!!!


Your sister is in the wrong. As hard as it is you have to turn your back on her. When your nieces are of age they will contact you or you can contact them. Until your sister gets the help she needs, stay away from her and keep your kids away from her too. If your kids witness this behavior between you and your sister they will think it’s normal and may begin to treat each other in the same manner. Be patient and trust that everything will turn out how it’s supposed to.


Why would you even send your kids to her if she did all that to you… your poor children…

I’m sorry what???
You sent your children to stay with her with all the things you said she did to you :thinking::thinking::thinking: wtf!


Seriously if some had sexually molested me they would the last person on earth to be around my children ever…

File a complaint let them know u lied under duress & stay the hell away from her but most of all learn how to fight period


U should of beat her ass and remember the type of person she is and that will help u move on… don’t Kno y u would send your kids to her

You came love someone just as muchfrom far away

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Personally I would have not sent my kids there for starters considering what your sister done to you in the past. I would not risk my kids going through the same shit.

You asked for that one… I understand you were looking out for your kids but its better to struggle with kids than risk them being in a horrible place with someone who will/can molest them or worse. Cut this person out of ypur life for good.