*Trigger warning: Child loss* Needing genuine advice

Ok… I am so looking for genuine input and not sympathy. I lost my two-year-old daughter very suddenly ten years ago. As a result, I became extremely unwell with PTSD and depression and was privately hospitalized. During that time, I burnt the inside of one wrist with cigarettes and now have about 19 round scars. (Kind of looks like reverse leopard print ). To stop this cycle, I had my daughter’s first and middle name tattooed with a small heart on my other wrist. Small, cursive writing. Neat and nothing showy. Was just for me. I have since gone one to have two boys with another partner (now 3 and 1). Now I’m not embarrassed by my scars at all. It’s a reminder of how far I’ve come-as I truly nearly died from my heartbreak. However, I am conscious that people do notice them, and occasionally I get questions about them. My answer changes according to the person asking. I’ve recently been thinking about adding my boy’s first names and a heart to my other wrist to match and to cover some of the scars. My boys have helped to heal my heart, and it maybe seems somewhat appropriate for their names to cover some of the heartbreak displayed on that wrist. I’ve seen multiple articles warning parents against letting their kid’s names emblazoned on a parent’s body as they may be embarrassed in the future. Will they be embarrassed when they’re older? If I don’t, will they be jealous that their sister has a tattoo and they don’t and think she’s more special than them? If I do get it done, will it just draw more attention to the scars? Do I wait until they’re older so they can have input? I’m torn.


I personally love the fact my dad has my name tattooed on him, and have never once been embarrassed!

U wont regret ur babies names ever

Do it. It’s not embarrassing at all. You do what makes you happy.

What a strong person you are. You should wear those scars with pride as you have overcome a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. Much respect​:heart::heart:


I say do it
It sounds like a beautiful idea :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

In life we need our scars, to remind us of time, that wasn’t so great, you need to explain to them, that Hey your sister died, I loved her, I was very sad!

Why don’t you add a " ; " tattoo to the area. Then people will ask less questions? Also you can add names or whatever you like. It’s your body. :heart:

You do you girl. Hugs

I have both of my kids names on me. Embarrassed? I’ve never heard that before… Oh well :woman_shrugging:t3: I’m sure I’ll do much more embarrassing things… :joy:

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I have my kids names on my forearms. I love it and they do too. This is for you. Sending healing thoughts.

I think this is a beautiful ideal. Add your babies names to your wrist

I used to self harm as a teenager I have scars all over my forearm from it. I have also thought about covering them up with a tattoo but I realized that they remind me of what I was strong enough to overcome. I have been thinking about getting a semicolon tattoo on my wrist though. I think a lot of people know what that particular tattoo means now since it’s so popular.

I lost a baby during pregnancy and that stays with you. I am truly sorry for your loss.

I believe having your boys names nicely tattooed over the scarring represents a few thing for what you have said. They have helped heal you, this shows scaring and healing. It also shows that you will always remember your little girl. Its no one else is body to make judgement on. And if the boys know about their sibling they they wont be embarrassed by it.
It shows them all 2 as a unit even if it just by skin.
Ultimately its your choice and good luck with your choice.xo

As a mother who has also lost a child, mine was 13, I can tell you they have more of a chance being upset you only have the one name. I got my daughter’s name on my wrist then I put all their names on my other arm. Also I’m so very sorry for your loss.

I would get it if I were you. I have one daughters name and am soon getting my other daughters because she immediately asked where her name was…lol

No that would be lovely to have ur kids names :kissing_heart: brave lady
I got my daughter name on my wrist I took her into the tattoo shop with me 2 :slight_smile:

So sorry for your loss :cry:

Your body do tattoo what ever you want on it. Tattoos can always be covered when needed if in certain places. Your boys would love it more than anything.

You do what makes you happy❤️

You have other children and it’s your body … do as you please … they ( your kids) will always have your heart and if no one likes it tough shit … your kids will know you love them regardless