Trigger warning: Dog attack. What would you do?

Hello, I was hoping to ask a question anonymously. Sorry, this question is crazy, but I would really like to know. Before reading, please note I love animals. I’ve have owned dogs and loved them as my own, but when it comes to my child, I will do literally anything to protect him. The other day I saw a video of parents walking their daughter when a pit bull ran up to and attacked their daughter, who looked very young like 5. It took many adults, and the dad is stabbing the dog multiply times for it to release her. She was fine; just minor injuries, thank goodness. My point is that I take my two-year son for a walk every day, and we live where many people have big dogs. They seem nice, but I’ve always had a fear of them randomly attacking. I do carry pepper spray, but since the video, I want to get a Tazer since I know I can’t fight off a big dog on my own. If god probed a dog or any animal attacked, and I couldn’t get it off, and if I were to taze it, will the shock stay with the dog or transfer to whomever it’s biting as well?


if my or any other dog attacks or attacks my kid or my husband I kick it till death.
No remorse


It would transfer to whomever the dog is touching as well

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Yes it would transfer to whomever the dog is biting as well. Pepper spray would be your best bet.

To release a dog that has a lock on your child - or anyone for that matter - you pull the front legs apart horizontally. This is obviously a last resort. You can also twist ears but this is not a guarantee. I would honestly not worry too much about it though - dog attacks are rare, and when they do happen it’s usually a dog the child knows and when left unsupervised.


When a dog bites the best thing I learned is try and transfer it’s aggression to you. Sit on the dog put force your hand in it’s mouth and keep pushing basically forcing your fist down it’s throat. Pepper spray and crush it with your weight piss it off. My brother got attacked by a dog and he shoved his hand in it’s mouth and kept pushing and the thing ran off

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During an attack you’re just as likely to hit the kid as you are the dog with spray or a taser.
I’d go for the dogs eyes or nose to try to get in between them. Hopefully you never need to!

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Nothing really can stop a dog when they attack, it’s an adrenaline rush.


I’d pull my weapon and shoot it! No questions asked no sorrow. A human especially my child is far more important!


A taser will cause the dog to tense up and bite harder, on top of transferring to the child.


Conceal and carry permit and carry a handgun! Any dog attacks myself or my kids I would not hesitate to put it down, I have zero tolerance for aggressive dogs, there are way too many nice dogs euthanized daily to keep them let alone someone not properly containing them.


Good question. My family and I always go for walks with our fur baby, and i always think about shit like this. I’d get the damn dog In A choke hold till it dies or grab its jaws and rip them apart. Idk how realistic that is lmao… But I’ll be damned if a dog attacks my children. I know my fur baby would try to help too. I’m 5’1 I’ll do whatever I can.

Pepper spray will choke & irritate the child. I don’t think I’d spray that near my toddler. I’ve been in a room when it was sprayed & had to rinse my face because it burned my eyes. I wasn’t even near it.

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You’d shock the person being attacked also. Go stronger then pepper spray and get some bear repellent (pepper spray but with a harder kick) just be careful not to be down wind when you spray cause that stuff burns eyes nose throat like no other

If its in attack mode tazers can just piss it off they also are illegal in some cities so check your laws.

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A guaranteed way to stop a dog attack. Stick your fingers up the ass of the dog that is attacking. Gross, absolutely, but it does work and that dog will release its grip immediately.

Pepper spray wont stop some breads. A gun will tho


In Florida people carry spiked baseball bats or 2x4s. But if a pitbull bites down on your kids, even a taser won’t get it to let go. I have a 90lb pitbull with me instead of any protection. Your best bet is to not run or shout or do anything exciting.


Do your walks with a bat in the stroller

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If you are to ever be involved in a dog attack the best to get them to release is to choke them, stop their breathing, so the pepper spray would work great just as long as you spray it directly into their face