*Trigger warning: Domestic violence* My husband makes our kids stay upstairs and says mean things to me: Advice?

This is being posted so we can offer this girl support and love and resources. ABSOLUTLEY NO BASHING WILL BE TOLERATED So I have been wanting to post for awhile now I have 3 girls with my husband hes never wanted kids, we was together for month I got pregnant he went to prison 3 years got out had 2 more 1 on birth control, evreyday he makes them stay up stairs to play he never wants them down stairs when hes home from work if they are hes calling them names or just being mean hes always calling me names I hate it I’m over I’m done with him just have no family and I only get ssi idk how I can take care of my girls just on ssi, another thing he wants me to always suck his dick I dont want to how he makes me feel and treats us, but hes never ate me out ever he said he did with his exes if he was drunk I dont want it but I’m like why should I half do it to u if I dont get anything he says our sex life is over hes ready find someone that’s going do more things with him in his 1 life, he calls me names evreyday tells me I’m horrible cook cuz idk how cool much he wants fried chicken idk how hes held a gun up to me being drinking said I would like blow your face off all time talking about how he would kill me or just hurt me he never put his hands on us but I just cant take this.


I think you need to take your kids and leave. You don’t want them growing up thinking that’s how a man is supposed to act. Child hood trauma sticks with people into adulthood and really tends to mess people up. Sounds like you deserve better. You can always find a women’s shelter and ask them for guidance or help. Talk to family or friends etc
No one should put up with that it won’t get any better


They should have a local women’s shelter. They can help you get out. If not there are a lot of churches!! Please leave and get help! If not for you; for your babies!


Babe! Get your babies and go! Anywhere. Anywhere has to be better. If he says it…who’s to say hes not gonna get ridiculous drunk and do it. You need to run as fast as you can and never ever look back. Please!


Get your kids out of that situation, not even something that should need to be a discussion. I really dont see why women allow this crap to happen and then ash what they should do…its clear, leave! Those poor kids dont need to be put through that.

Check women’s shelters please for you and your children leave this man

Get out of there NOW! Take your kids and go. Look up recources in your area and just do it please for you and the babies.

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Sweetheart its not easy to find the strength to get out in these situations. Fone womans aid. Might be called something different in your part of the world.
Its one thing to allow yourself to be abused quite another to let your kids take it. Get out of it now. U owe it to the girls.

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Leave ASAP! For yours and the kids sake. Use every resource available. Good luck

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Find a womans shelter, or call the cops so they can physically get you out of the house and away from him. And so its documented, the abuse, and god forbid he tries to get the kids the court will see the police report and absolutely not give him any rights to his children. I’m so sorry you have to go through this, and I wish you had friends or family that could help you. But please get out of there, before it’s too late, before those kids end up with no mother to protect them from that monster

Ok… There are solutions for your situation. I would suggest that your first step be too get domestic violence counseling, them help you locate local resources and assistance in addition to helping you formulate a safety plan that works for you. You can do this :heart:

Leave him. Any way you can. Is there a reason you cannot get a job?

You’re in a very abusive relationship. You should consider going to a shelter. They would find you an affordable house for you and your children. If you stay and someone finds out what has been happening there you could lose your children as you are not protecting them ( from hearing name calling, emotional abuse, and more importantly you had a gun to your head and he threatened to kill you. Next time all.he has to do is pull the trigger and your kids will find their mother dead and never be the same) I know its scary. But you really need to go to a shelter and get your own place before he actually kills you

You can totally do this!!! There are resources everywhere and you need to get out for the children first and foremost. You’ll get money from child support and maybe find some help from family and friends. He’s not the end all be all and you don’t need him! You are strong!! Make a plan and leave. Lots of love to you and your kids. :heart:


Walk away and don’t look back

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Is there a local Women’s shelter you can reach out to for help? A safe shelter or something similar, close to where you live? They may be able to help you find housing, etc, to get you out of that situation.

U can make it on ssi. I have two kids and i am a single mommy. There is times its hard but u can do it 4 u and your girls

Get out! Everyone women shelter. Salvation Army. Get as far away as you can. Leave when hes at work. You and your kids dont need that!!!

You know it pisses me off that y’all post this dumb shit but when I ask y’all to post something you won’t. So fuck this group I’m out

You need to LEAVE that man immediately! Not is he only being abusive towards you he’s verbally abusive towards your children. I know it’s hard to leave in situations like this search for women’s domestic violence shelters go to one of them untill u can get on your feet. Leave while he’s at work don’t say a word. There’s a place where I live that will send a cab to ur house for you pay for it they help u get out of that situation as easy as possible. If you don’t want to go to a domestic violence shelter call some family or friends see if they can let you stay with them untill u & ur children get on ur feet. Also if you are afraid he will hurt u or ur children if you leave put a restraining order on him so he can’t contact you and so he can’t come near you or the children. I don’t condone keeping children away from their dads but this guy is a piece of work an probly wouldn’t even care honestly. but seek help even call your local police station see if they know any where that can help you. But I say get u and your children out of that situation quickly