*Trigger warning* Has anyone else had a traumatic birth: Advice?

I was wondering if anybody has experienced anything similar and would be willing to share. I had my daughter six months ago. The birth was very traumatic. I almost died from bleeding out internally. I coded and was rushed in for emergency surgery. I am just very lucky to be alive. The labor and delivery went amazingly well. I lost 3 liters (of 5) of blood that day. Basically, my placenta ripped my uterus when it detached, causing the internal bleeding. I went into Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC); They couldn’t get the bleeding stopped. I had lacerations in my uterus from the doctors pulling out the blood clots that caused me to code and go unresponsive twice. The lacerations are from them, reaching in with their hand ls and pulling the clots out to save my life. The doctors needed to act fast to empty the blood from the uterus so they could get it to contract back down to normal size. My ob said he’s only seen 3 of these occur in his 18 years…I was the worst. If I had a home birth, I would have bled to death. When they couldn’t stop the bleeding and didn’t know why I had emergency surgery. If they couldn’t find it or if they could find it and not stop it, I would have had to have a total hysterectomy. I’m just wondering if anybody has gone through anything similar and is willing to share. I’m struggling to understand it all still.


I did not but this sounds terrifying. OMG!

I hemorrhaged after my last delivery this past Feb. Lost 3 litters and dr had to shove her arm almost up to her elbow inside to pull the clots out. So much pain since the epidural I had was never hooked up properly. Fortunately, I didn’t need surgery and my experience wasn’t as bad as yours.


:pleading_face: this is terrifying.

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I’m so glad you’re ok, you might be experiencing PTSD

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Holy crap :frowning: I am so sorry you experienced that. You may want to look into therapists, you could have PTSD. I’m glad you and your daughter are okay. :heart:

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This makes me even more nervous to give birth to my first! :pleading_face::cry: I’m sorry you had to go through that!

Oh wow I’m so sorry you went thru this my first birth was traumatic I was rushed into an emergency c-section and I too lost alot of blood but nothing compared to what you went thru but very traumatic for my situation I spent 8 days in hospital after but still.i hope you are feeling better soon and back to your old self in no time!!:blush:and even tho it was rough for you congrats on your new baby.

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My sister had this with her last child 5 years ago. She almost died as well. Her placenta ruptured putting her and baby at risk. Glad your ok!!! How scary

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I had the same experience,I spent 6 weeks in the hospital and my child came home before me. I couldnt breast feed. I couldn’t even hold him for weeks. I still have post traumatic anxiety. One thing I can tell you, is it has been 3.5 years and since my son is healthy and such a blessing, I promise the feelings will fade. The mind does an amazing thing and forgets over time. Even though it was the worst experience of my life, the love of my child overrides it. And I would do it all over again just to have him in my life.


I have a friend who went through something very similar. She had 4 normal births and decided to give a family the miracle of a child and be a surrogate. I would tag her but I don’t think she’s ready to relive it since she is still have problems and gave birth to that baby in November of last year.

I hemorraged immediately after giving birth, then 8 days later wound up in the hospital with 20+ large clots in my legs and lungs. I just finished 6 months on lovenox to break up the clots. This has lead to me never wanting to get pregnant again or have any more children.

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That’s so awful! Im sorry you and your family went through that. You are a prime candidate for PTSD. If you don’t feel yourself, get help!

I had something similar! Mine wasn’t that bad though.
I had my daughter almost 3 months ago. I was induced at 40+5 weeks and I had her the next day. After I had her I got up and showered and walked until I almost passed out from blood loss. I literally was just trying to go to the bathroom and I had so many blood clots come out instead. When they got me to the bed I wasn’t aloud to get up again or hold my daughter. The doctor came in and had to remove blood clots by shoving his hand up there. I literally screamed. I got two shots and potosium (can’t spell) to help my uterus contract.

Wow I’m so glad ur ok though! Praise God! I had a placenta abduction and had an emergency c section. I will be praying for you !!!

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry this happened to you! This is so terrifying. Nothing like that happened to me, but I would recommend a therapist. Even if it’s just to talk it out and to help yourself understand it better.

I had a very similar experience during my delivery of my stillborn daughter. I almost bled to death from a placental abruption. Please feel free to DM me if you want to chat. I’m so sorry you’re struggling.

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When I had my second child my uterus came out with my placenta … I remembered slowly feeling really weak my obgyn tried 4 times to get it to reattach he said he was trying one more time if it didn’t go back in place they would have take me to emergency surgery luckily the last time it took but I was still bleeding I had to lay on my back for an hour before I could get up and moving I didn’t have anymore bleeding while at the hospital… about 2 weeks after being home I started bleeding again thought it was just my period I was changing pads every 30 seconds I couldn’t stand up because if I did blood just gushed … it finally stopped a few hours later I haven’t had problems since …

Yeesh, n i thought mine was bad at the beginning of this month… I bled out bad but not like you :persevere:

I had all of my kids naturally except my daughter born 2 weeks ago, I went into labor water broke the Dr came in and tried putting in a uterine flush because my daughter was losing oxygen and the Dr thought it may have been from the contractions squeezing her but the Dr tried and looked at me and said now don’t panic your breathing for your baby girl right now, and continued to tell me we are taking you into an emergency C-section because your daughter will die if we don’t. My daughters umbilical cord had prolapsed cutting oxygen off thank God for the Dr that was there on call.

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