*Trigger Warning* How can I manage my postpartum depression?

Any moms out there dealing with postpartum depression? I had a stillbirth at 24 weeks two months ago, and my depression is horrible. I find myself dreaming of my son, crying hysterically. Any tips for me? I am on medication for it and no help.


I am so sorry for you loss :frowning:
I would strongly recommend going to see your doctor again, and asking for a med change, and speak to a psychologist

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Call your dr. Seek therapy

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Thats terrible. I worry about that with this pregnancy. I don’t know why, she’s healthy and active, but I know a lot of women that have experienced such a huge loss like that. My heart breaks for you. Call your doctor and ask for a referral to a therapist and if you feel its bad enough to need meds Id even go as far as asking for a prescribing psychiatrist. Ive been seeing one for 2 years now over Zoom and it has helped tremendously with my PTSD. Good luck and hang in there.

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I found out my baby was dead on Thursday and I just miscarried it last night. I feel so depressed right now and I was nowhere near as far along as you were. I am so sorry for your loss :sparkling_heart: just know that you are not alone. My doctor suggested support groups. Speak to your doctor about and possibly a psychologist. I totally understand your pain :sparkling_heart:


If your medication is not helping you should tell your doctor and try a different medication. They all work a little differently and some will help some people and others will help other people. Also ask your doctor for a referral to a therapist. And talk to people you trust around you about how you feel! if you feel like you can’t do that, look for a support group near you. it will get better. I am so sorry for your loss.

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Sorry for your loss. Speak to your doctor yes but there’s also support groups on Facebook where you can speak to mums who have gone through this. Sometimes speaking to others who have had the same happen to them is a huge help. Not everyone understands the pain.

Sending all my love to you :black_heart:

Counseling. Or reach out to the health department and they can set you up with a support group. At least that’s what they do here in Utah.

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Call your doctor. Seek out professional help. They can help you find a therapist to talk to, that may help more than medication.

Talk to a grieving counselor. It’s not all post partum depression, you are also grieving a loss of a child. Sending prayers.


Op please don’t hesitate to message me.
Medication will not help in this case, you’re wasting your time.
What you’re feeling isn’t a chemical imbalance. It’s real, raw feelings caused by a very real and traumatic situation.
Find yourself a group of moms with similar situations, if you don’t feel up to going out to a support group, create a group chat with those women, and sometimes even men need to be a part of it. Find people who will really let you share. That was the biggest help for me when I lost my triplets. Finding people who would look at the pictures with me. Finding people who knew words didn’t make it better. But that sometimes a hug and “you’ll get through this” was all that could be done.
The medication will only keep any chemical imbalances under wraps, it is not going to treat the raw feelings you’re having. I am speaking from experience.


I am so sorry for your loss mama! See you Dr. again for sure and see about adjusting meds. But my biggest suggestion is to search out local loss groups or organizations that specialize in pregnancy and infant loss. You can also call the hospital in which you were at and ask them for resources. Many times these programs include 1on1 counseling at no or very low cost. For me this was invaluable and the meds just helped me remain a bit more stable in between sessions and while doing the emotional work. We’re coming up on 5 years and I’m not going to lie, there are still extremely hard days/weeks.

I am sorry for your loss :pensive: therapy will help.

My therapist was 1000% more helpful than any medication I tried.

As said above, please see a therapist. And your doctor. I had some ppd, and I was on meds too. Mine wasn’t bad enough to seek much help, but if it’s that bad, please seek help. It will be very beneficial for you, imo. I’m so sorry for your loss!

I lost my daughter at 36 weeks back in October, if therapy is something you’re open to I definitely recommend it. Also there’s loss support groups on Facebook that have helped me a ton. The first few months were the hardest for me, but I promise you got this! praying for you mama💜

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Can you find out what happened to your child? Was it heart defect or another? I chromosomal? It might be hard to to ask these questions from your pregnancy doctor it might give you peace of mind as to healing and bereavement support groups for miscarriages and stillborn other parents support is also help. Any crying or going through the motions of taking care of the baby might be soothing nobody has a right to tell you how to grieve or how long to grieve just make sure you don’t put yourself or anyone else other children at risk. This is such a devastating loss my condolences to your baby.

You need to seek out therapy cause medication will only help to an extent with this traumatic event

I am so sorry you had to go through that. Sending love and peace

Ur welcome to inbox me I’ve been through the same . U need to contact ur doctor hun good luck please stay strong it doesn’t get easier but it’s definitely more manageable through time and counselling x