Trigger Warning: Miscarriage. Do I have a right to be bitter?

Am I wrong for being bitter? I am having an active miscarriage. If I haven’t fully miscarried by Monday, I will have to have a D&C done due to being in premature labor for a week now. My mother in law is getting ALL of the sympathies. Everyone is telling her, “I’m praying for you & your son.” Like she’s the one still carrying her dead daughter. It makes me so upset that more people are concerned about her than the ones actually going through it. She hasn’t even asked how I am doing. Am I wrong for feeling this way?


You are NOT wrong at all! I’m so sorry.


She is probably grieving too and hurting for her son aswell. I doubt she doesnt care about you but she may not be handling it at all. Have a talk with her maybe

No you are not wrong for feeling this way! I am so sorry you’re going through this.


You have the right to feel what you feel. You have suffered a great loss.

Not Wrong at all. I know how you feel and it sucks. Seriously sucks. But I realized that I dont care about anyone like that and worried about myself

You are in the right 10000% fuck her?!?

No, your grief is valid. Speak up

I am so sorry to hear this. I agree with how you feel x

Youre NOT wrong at all. Im so sorry :sob:

What a bitch.
You’re the mother, you’re the one losing your child, not her.

I know I cant relate but Im sorry me and my ex had 2 and it horiable for both involived cant imagion your hart break

No, not at all! you’re the one who is suffering the most and i’m so sorry you are going through this! some people are just so unsympathetic with the pain of a mother who is losing her baby

Loss comes with so Many emotions and you are completely entitled to all of them. The MIL situation sounds incredibly frustrating. I hope you can confide in and lean on your husband during this time :heart:

Sorry about what’s happening and no your not wrong the feeling never goes away

Your grief and your feelings are valid and they matter. I am so sorry for your loss. It hurts like no words can describe. Praying for you :pray:

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Be bitter,be angry,be sad be whatever the hell gets your thru the day! Praying for peace & comfort for you!


Everyone is grieving. Odd that she hasnt reached out to you personally. Do you have that type of relationship or is she just communicating with her son?

No ma’am you are not. Focus on you and your body and health right now, not your MIL.
Sounds like she’s selfish and unsympathetic…not someone you need right now.
Prayers you’re ok, and prayers for physical and emotional healing.

You’re not wrong. Praying for YOU!!! You have a connection with that little one that no one else has. I miscarried at 13 weeks and it sucked! You’re not alone!