TRIGGER WARNING - My daughter confided in me: What else should I do?

My 13-year-old daughter confided in me that her half brother and stepbrother at her dad’s side has been molesting her. I went to the authorities right away — She’s already in counseling, and she’s already been to the nordic center and has an advocate. I just don’t know what to do or expect. I have not yet come to terms with everything. It’s been going on for eight years. I feel like I have failed as a mom to protect her and keep her safe I need some advice and help.


You need therapy too, and be her support


You haven’t failed her!! Failing her would be doing nothing about the situation once she confided in you. Keep your head up, mama. It’s going to be a difficult process, but I’m sure she knows that you are there for her now that you know what happened.


Trust me . You need to go to counseling too. You need to understand her hurt her confusion her love a d her hate.


Oh my gosh!!i am so sorry your both going through this!it is in no way your fault…

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I just want to say good for you for believing her and calling cops right away!! Get some counseling and that will help. Be easy on your self.


What is going on with the 2 boys now? Does she still have to be around them?


So sorry to hear you are a great mom hope she gets the help she can hope the people that did this gets jail time and prayers to you and your daughter


First of all you are in no way a failure you did what any good mom would have done gone straight to the authorities you need to see a therapist as well and maybe some anxiety meds god bless your heart I’m so glad you believed her and that she felt comfortable coming to you she may had been threatened all along and just had enough I don’t really know but just hold her tight and tell her this isn’t her fault at all and she didn’t do anything wrong


Kill them for molesting your girl


Please know you didn’t fail her. The fact that she came to you, you believed her and got her help means you’re an amazing mom. I work with crisis situations with rape survivors. Please get counseling yourself too. Keep her in therapy and just be there for her because it’s going to be hard with her having to recount her story so much. Praying for comfort for you both :blue_heart:


I’m so sorry you’re all going through this. You haven’t failed her! Keep supporting her, and please get some help for yourself also! Xo

I agree you need some therapy as well. There are also group meetings set in place for parents of children who have gone through these things.

I. Am. So. So. Sorry! First get yourself in therapy, find a way to forgive yourself, even though it IS NOT your fault. All you can do is be there for her.

You certainly didn’t fail. She was very brave to come forward an you did the right thing going to the authorities. Therapy an counseling will help you both. As for the SOB’S that are guilty they will get what’s coming to them… Karma will be paying them a visit in the future.


• you bury the rapists. You freaking hang them out to dry. (Legally)

• move away. Let her start over.

• she’s the victim… no excuses from the weak side.


Oh honey you did NOT fail her!! If anything honestly… her father should have known!! How come she couldn’t go to him about it? It’s not right. Sweetie it is not your fault do not blame yourself, you couldnt have known. I’m so sorry this has happened :slightly_frowning_face: you and your daughter both need counseling. I would hope it helps. My prayers are with you. :purple_heart:


You didnt fail as a mother. You did the right thing and you both should be in counseling. I’ve been molested and was raped by my own family member and neighbor at the age of 7. I didnt know what I was supposed to do. So I kept to myself and cried myself to sleep every night scared. I told my mom and first thing she did was confront him and his mom called me and my mom liars and all kinds of names. She kept apologizing for not seeing and knowing what happened but she didnt know because I didnt tell her as soon as it happened. I was scared. Your daughter was probably scared too but she got over that fear and opened up to you. Be there support her and comfort her. Shes gonna needed


U r helping her and stand by her side and together u will both heal u from the guilt and her from those sick bastards

They always recommend the parents seek counseling as well. It will be a great way for you to release those unnecessary feelings and learn how you can help her at the same time.

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