*Trigger warning* My ex abused me and I can't escape him:Advice?

My ex-fiance abused me in every way you can think of, and I barely escaped him with my life. After I left him, he tried to run me over and stab me. He tried to ruin my life. My life became a nightmare. He still tries to add me on social media, talks about me in comments to everybody, “pops up” everywhere I go, and because of my current spouse’s custody situation, we can’t leave this state (he doesn’t want to leave his children, he keeps them every week). What bothers me, though, is…all of my family and friends, everybody I know, stayed friends with this man. It hurts me to see it. They know what he did…some of them saw the physical abuse happen…and they stay friends with him. If I cut off everybody who’s friends with him, I’d have nobody except my husband left. I don’t understand how a man can rape and torture a woman, and everybody is okay with it! Has anybody else been through this


Cut them all off! Start new. Dociment/screenshot everything. Try to get a restraining order. (been there done that) Don’t allow anyone toxic to remain in your life and weed out the double agents. Peace beats any friendship.


Are they keeping tabs on him or are they being friendly with him?


Get a PPO and cut every one of them off. You can make new friends. It’s not worth it, what if they are giving him information on you? Also if he sends any messages, ANYTHING, keep it documented.


I would cut everybody off even if it does leave you with just your husband. If they are okay with what he did to you then they don’t really give a fuck about you so why keep them in your life :woman_shrugging: toxic is toxic, family or not

My ex from 9 years ago still stalks me. Document every thing. Call the cops everytime he shows up. Get a ppo.


Cut them off!!! Start a new life with new friends an it’s OKAY if your spouse is your best friend.


Cut them all off and start fresh


While I can’t say that I know from experience because I was never physically abused my ex, but I was severely mentally and emotionally abused. When I kicked him out for cheating, I finally told everyone what was happening.

I was pregnant when I went through the abuse so it was 5 times worse for me. I didn’t tell anyone until I ended things. There were quite a few people who stopped talking to him after I explained what happened, but there are still people that kept in contact with him. In my experience, I cut them off too.

Anyone that knows how abusive someone is and continues to stay friends with them is an enabler in my eyes. Even if it doesn’t affect their life, it just doesn’t make sense why you’d want to be around that.

You can always make new friends. They’re not your friends if they’re okay with his behavior, trust me.


My cousins, aunts, and friends all have my ex on Facebook. Even some who knew what I’ve been through. Now we are on good terms, and I’ve forgave and forgotten a ton. But I definitely will never stop being disappointed in those people for being okay with him despite. I know that feeling all too well.

Have you discussed it with any of them? Family or very close friends? Personally I would cut them out and move on, and get a restraining order.


Drop them anyway. You don’t need people like that in your life.


Start fresh, you don’t want or need the toxicity! It may suck at first but it’ll also be a breath of fresh air.


I live with a narcissist and currently planning to leave once I find a place

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Have you gone to the police?
And, cut those people off. Clearly they aren’t loyal to you! It is better to have 1 person that you can trust than a room full of backs stabbers.


Cut everyone off! I have zero friends and family because of toxicity. My husband is my best friend and I wouldn’t have it any other way


I blocked everyone of his family. Packed my car when he wasn’t there and my kid and moved across the country for 2 years.


Cut them all off burn every bridge i lived through the same damn thing, they can be his friends he can keep them, rebuild your circle you don’t need them and as long as they are in your life he will remain in your life. Save yourself, document everything, Get a restraining order. No man is worth your safety or your sanity. Its been 3 years and my ex is finally gone and i can only pray for any other woman that falls for his bullshit charms.

Yes do block everyone and can understand this i. Went thru the same treatment for 20 some years maybe time to get law enforcement on board

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You can’t know for sure if any of the people you associate with are giving him information about you that they shouldn’t be. I would be worried because it doesn’t seem like their loyalty is with you, in my opinion they are not worth risking your life. It seems rather odd to me that he keeps popping up so much to not have someone giving him some kind of clues about your life. To me those aren’t friends. Start fresh and protect yourself. Please get some counseling as well.