*Trigger Warning* My husband was falsey accused of something by my nephew: Advice?

My nephew falsely accused my husband of touching his private area in the bath tub Emmy husband does not bathe him I do he does not even bathe our children, he told someone that he touches him while I’m asleep, but my husband works third shift and isn’t there when he is asleep, and my nephew don’t spend the night I watch him Monday through Friday, and my husband goes to sleep before he even leaves to go home I keep him while his mom works. Dhr has been contacted, and they made myself and kids leave with no contact to my husband until case has been resolved, they are gonna ask my four-year-old questions about his dad am I not allowed in the room what legal advice for anyone that has gone through this can anyone give me for this type of situation! His mother doesn’t even believe that my husband has done such a thing. We think it is just attention-related, how have anyone else’s situations ended? My husband is such a laid back loving guy that has been through hell and just wanted peace, and now this has happened. Can anyone give advice to me as the wife and as the kid’s mother? Please help.


Sorry but if my nephew had told me that I’d be listening. People not listening to children is how cases like this get missed, even if it does turn out to be an attention thing imagine how guilty you would feel for not believing him and it turned out to be true🤷🏽‍♀️


Maybe you could get your husbands work schedule to show he isn’t even there at night? It may help a little


Well to be honest I would make My husband take a lie detector test… With accusations like that im sure they would give him one:\


If it isn’t your husband, it’s definitely someone who is abusing him. Children don’t just “make this stuff up”.

Let them do their investigation and comply. In order to find out, who the person responsible for this abuse is.

Also, nobody wants to admit their spouse is a child predator, but there are so many out there.


Do as instructed by dhr and seek out a lawyer just incase.


I would take him seriously even if you don’t believe it. What’s his motive to lie? Attention? I doubt it. Look at maybe other options of people it could be. But that’s suspicious that he would lie about that.


Believe children. Period.


Steve wilkos show?? :woman_shrugging:


Do what your told to do. If he is innocent it will come to light. Never take this lightly


No legal help but if hes proven to be clear i wouldnt watch ur nephew no more


I think first you need to really think about time he spends with your nephew. If things still don’t add up you need to ask why he would lie about that ? Something must be happening maybe by someone else but by someone and your nephew is trying to ask for help.


Work your case, listen to all involved, might need as lawyer

A child would not make something like this up?! I am happy to see they are following through, & getting to the bottom of this! If your husband is innocent, then that will show during this investigation. If not, he will get what he deserves.


How old is the nephew? Is there a chance someone else has had access to him…maybe in his home or with other relatives? And where has the child got the information/education… or how was the information/education about being touched inappropriately delivered to the child?


I would sit him down an ask him of he had ever been touched by someone else in the family he sounds like he has been abused in that way but just possibly pointing at your husband.

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Maybe your nephew is being touched by someone else but too scared to tell on that person? Maybe he’s being told to say these things? Have your husband take a lie detector test to prove his innocence. Follow along with DHR and everything will work out. Prayers for all involved.


Get a lawyer. Don’t talk to dhs… they twist things up and lie about what you say. No lie detector test. They are not your friends. Lie detector tests can fail, my sister in law took one for a job and failed over a drug question and she doesn’t do drugs, I know for a fact. Lawyer up and if anyone asks you don’t know anything!


Really? Believe the child.


Believe the child first. Always.