*Trigger warning: Suicide* Needing advice about my 10-year-old son

I really need parenting advice right now. I found messages between my 10-year-old son and his friend… my son said he was depressed and sometimes wanted to die. I don’t think he is actually suicidal, but at the same time, this isn’t something I want to take lightly at all. He seems so happy all the time and is always making jokes, and I know that could mean on the inside he feels some type of way. How should I handle this? I want to be there for him, and if he needs help, I want to get it for him, but where do I start?


Talk to him, let him know you saw the messages, and get him into counseling.

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Start by letting him talk and you listen. Try to find him some professional help. Please let him know he can go to you any time with any type of concern or problem. Let him know you love him no matter what.

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First don’t tell him you found his message.
Use the fact that there’s no school at this time and bring it up as part of the school plan for the day.
Most of all be honest and let him know that you are always there for him no matter what he needs, anytime, anywhere no limits. Tell him you love him a lot, it can never be said often enough


Please step in and help. I lost my dad to suicide at 17 and it’s the worst pain I’m still dealing with. Talk to him, get him in therapy. Whatever you do just don’t stand by and do nothing. Good luck.

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You are all the help he needs. Love him, show him love. Allow a safe space for him to be able to talk with you about stuff without judgement or opinion. Openly talk about the affects of suicide, how everyone has grey day & they DO pass & that if he’s having trouble with them passing that you are there to help him find solutions.


I just want to say… One of my best friends killed himself and he was the happiest person you’d ever meet. No one knew he was sad. He held it all in.
Get him help NOW

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Contact his pediatrician for a referral to a child psychologist.


Call his doctor go from there

Talk to him about his feelings.
Don’t mention that you have found the conversation as this can cause further distance between you.
Ask him how he’s feeling randomly, what his facial expressions and ask, ask if he had a bad day at school or if anyone or anything is bothering him.
Watch his attitude see if it changes. But also give him some space or he will feel closed in and that’s worse. Talk to your Dr or ask to talk to parenting advise for this age group.
It could be something has heard and doesn’t understand.
Has he experienced a recent death does he understand that dying is not just a sore knee that heals.

Over all talk to him.best of luck hun.x

Get him into counseling, ASAP! A depressed child is easier to deal with than a broken adult. Broken adults are hard to fix, I speak from experience… I was that “happy” kid who secretly wanted to end everything who is now a broken adult. Sort it out now, and maybe he can live a normal life :heart:

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Counseling asap. Do not disregard his comments or hide that you found them, he NEEDS support. You don’t want to regret not doing everything you could to address this.

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Communicate. Get off facebook and go be a parent

Please take it seriously! It’s often the people who appear fine and cheery on the outside who end up taking their lives. If he’s saying he’s depressed and wants to die, you have to assume he’s suicidal. You have to. I think it’s important to address that you saw those messages. Not in a confrontational way, but just to tell him you love him dearly and want him to know he can confide in you too. Communication is the most important thing you can open up to him right now. If he doesn’t feel comfortable talking to you, ask if he’d feel better about having his own person (like a counsellor) to chat with about his feelings.

One on one … don’t push be patient gradually slowly start asking him questions when you feel it’s a good time … it’s hard I I went through this with my teenage daughter

Talk to him and counseling!

Call your insurance company for a child therapist in your network & area .call them and tell them that your child has been writing notes about taking his own life .that will get him sooner rather than later

My teenage daughter has suicidal ideations after she witnessed a 15 year old friend commit suicide. Get him counseling, now! And be there for him and love him. I don’t leave my daughter home alone, and I check on her constantly.

Get him help height need meds to help level out his levels of hormones . It’s important. Sometimes we have an imbalance. And follow it with therapy.

I lost my brother 5 years ago to suicide and you would never ever know just how torn up he was before that. Talk to him. Be honest and open and talk to him, ask him whats going on and listen…really listen…let him rant and rave and get it out. I would also contact his pediatrician and talk about the next steps to getting help