*TRIGGER WARNING* The doctors think I am having another miscarriage: Has this happened to anyone else?

I had a miscarriage in May, and I’m currently pregnant. I got an ultrasound done, and they said I’m nine weeks, but there was no heartbeat. My HCG levels are 23064.8, so they said that’s normal, but the doctor said since there’s no heartbeat I’m losing the baby. This was the first ultrasound. What makes it worse is that they wouldn’t even let me see it


Definitely go get another opinion!!! Years ago the dr said I was having a miscarriage and prescribed me meds to help “expel”, I didn’t take the meds. I went to an appt. the next day… baby was perfectly normal, in March she’ll be 17. Just because they’re dr’s doesn’t mean they know everything. Good luck with everything!!


They should be having you follow up to check you hcg levels! They need to know if they’re going up or down to confirm a miscarriage. You should be able to hear the heartbeat at 9 weeks, but they def need to be following your hcg levels. Bleeding and pain are other symptoms of a miscarriage but it can take a couple of days for your body to actually start to miscarry the baby. I’m sorry you’re going through this and I hope you get some answers soon, I’m going through my 2nd miscarriage now, you’re not alone. Prayers.

Get a second opinion just in case. I had the er tell me they couldn’t find a heartbeat. I waited to see my ob to confirm it and it was a miscarriage. Prayers for you because that’s never easy!

I would definitely get a second opinion . Your levels are very high! I wouldn’t believe this Dr with out a second opinion for sure! Good luck !!

I’d gets second opinion. And it may just be early I never heard a heart beat till 10-11weeks and I had 4 girls.

It may be that u need a second opinion and if not keep trying the loss doesn’t get any easier but sooner or later u will have that one that goes full term. It took 27 miscarriages b4 my 2 girls as for why they wouldn’t let u see it some doctors don’t want to saden the patent by going oh hey a baby see it sorry it’s dead… (Sorry poor choice of words but that’s basically how it is) and for those saying no heart beat at 9 weeks unfortunately they can detect it at 6 weeks

They should test your HCG levels every 48 hours. Bless your heart I’ve been in your shoes more than once. It’s your body your baby tell the doctor what you need or find a doctor that will put your mind at ease. Good luck to you

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Yes must second opinion praying for great results God bless you in every way

Definitely get a 2nd opinion. They cant legally let you not see a ultrasound if its yours…

I don’t think you can hear a heartbeat that early. I could be wrong

Mine said the same thing but said it could be too early to tell too for a heartbeat

Early in my second pregnancy they struggled to find her heartbeat. I think a second opinion is wise.

I didnt hear my little girls heartbeat till I went for my 10-12 week check up (I went to the doctor late)

Go get a second opinion from another doctor for your peace of mind

I would get a second opinion but also have them check your hcg levels every couple days. I had the same thing happen at 9 weeks but my hcg levels didn’t drop till another week and I didn’t have any bleeding for another week after that. The dr told me it could take a couple weeks for my body to realize what was happening. Definetly get a 2nd opinion and have them keep checking those levels.

:disappointed_relieved: I would try another doc

Why couldn’t you see it? Can they do that?

Get a second opinion for sure

Mm…9 weeks sorry but most of time you get a heartneat at 7 weeks…ask for 2nd opinion just in case…hope everything works out fine…good luck

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