Trying to decide if I should have another child: Thoughts?

I am trying to decide whether or not to have a second child. Life is crazy enough with one, I worry about how much harder it will be with two. But I also think one day I will wish I had a second and it will be too late. Tell me about your experience! Pros and cons of one vs. two? How did you decide if you were on the fence? How much harder is it going from one to two?


It’s not bad at all having two. I have four and two was a good number


It was a huge change, but a blessing. My daughter just turned 6 years old when I had my second. Things just started to get really easy, and smooth but that all changed when my second came along. Would I change it? Absolutely not. I love my little family, and you will too. And my first born LOVES to watch and help. There is nothing better than seeing your first born so in love with the new baby.

Actually it was easier with two. My oldest kept the younger entertained at times so I was able to do more with two.


I found there was no difference going from one to 2 in fact probably easier

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In my opinion, it depends on your support system. When I found out I was pregnant with my second, I was really scared. With my first, I was kicked out my family’s house, and they were against the whole thing…my dad did come around. My support system was my child’s father, his family, my midwife and her family. I was scared my second would be the same, but the father of my second was so perfect. And now, my soon to be 2 year old and my soon to be 4 year old love each other, and I’m glad they have a really close relationship. Yeah, it was hard, and at times, money was tight, but things always have a way of working out.

Don’t do it! Jk two isn’t too bad lol 4 on the other hand :exploding_head:

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It depends. Are you and your husband financially able to take on another child? Are you a stay at home mother?

I have a two-year-old daughter and I am divorced. My ex-husband does not pay child support and I take care of her all on my own. She’s my pride and joy. I would love to have a son one day but it takes a lot of sacrifice, time, patience, love and money.

Is not bad at all . My son was a baby wen I got pregnant from my daughter and she wasn’t planned either . Both are besties now they love :heart: each other and wouldn’t be happy without each other .

2from 1 I hardly noticed. I’ve 5now. Tbf still not bad long as have good routine.

I’m on baby 3. My other 2 are 7yrs and 6months. This 1 is due in October. It’s crazy day to day but worth it

It’s really not as bad as I thought it would be when I found out I was pregnant with the second. It’s honestly easier at times because they occupy the other.

I have three. I had twins 10 months after my singleton. The are now 12, 11 and 11…cant imagine my life any other way

The best gift you can give your child is a sibling

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If you have the support for yourself mentally and emotionally do it, two is a great number and will build a great bond.

Coming from single child! Though I tried for more. He would have liked a sibling. Feels he missed out on a lot. And now his parents are getting older & no one to share that responsibility.

Best advice I’ve ever gotten for this question: “You will never regret having another child, but you may regret not having another.”
I have a two year old and a 3 month old and yes it’s exhausting and some days are just so hard, but there is soooooo much love in this house. :heart:


My experience? It’s alot harder. My daughter is 2, I just had my son a month ago. It’s been a huge adjustment for all of us. I’m doing it alone right now so that plays a big part BUT everything is different. Trying to balance it all ugh the baths, bottles, laundry, everything in between. If you have a partner and good support I believe you will be ok. I can’t imagine life without them both!

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I was having a hard time deciding as well, but I really wanted my son to have a sibling. So decision made!

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Think of all the love rewards your first child gave you how proud you are the protection you give the unconditional love the highs the amazing gift of motherhood and double it😉