Trying to decide if I should have another child: Thoughts?

My kids are now in their 30s but I found it was easier once I had the 2nd one. My kids are all 3 years apart and were able to help keep the younger one occupied no matter the age.

It depends on your age. I’m in my 40s and adopted a son. My husband and I don’t want anymore kids right now. Also depends your budget as well. My older brother was terrible to me. He was 10 years older than me. Hope that helps. Good luck and God speed.

I never thought i would have a second child. My.son was born 3\31/2020 and i dont know how I ever lived without him. My 1st is 14 so there a huge age gap but i wouldn’t change it for anything. Kinda have a built in babysitter :joy:

having raised one child and now raising my grandchild I know this. they either are super independent or super needy. I would have had a second and a third…if I could have.

I didn’t want my child to be lonely, so I had another. My babies were easy, but they fight like cats and dogs at 11 and 14, now. They love each other, though.

Having children should be a choice based on love! If its about money then you dont need another one but know this while an only child can be focused on more, they also become spoiled and needy 50% of the time. I was an only child and I had the loneliest existence ever. No one to share with, no one to turn to when I needed a real sib friend to talk with. In my case my parents were dysfunctional and life was horrid for me growing up. I know its not like that for others but most only children develop faster and then are unable to relate to those around them in their own age group. They have been exposed to adults more than other children. Its your choice and frankly if you need social media to help you make up your own mind you shouldn’t. This is an answer that should only come from the heart!

As I am older I wish I would have had more children. I have two daughters And love my grandchildren. But when you grow older the joy of having more surrounding you is comforting. You’ll have more chances of someone helping to take care of you when you get old.

I am the mother of eleven children. Way out of the scope of this question, but my opinion is to go for the second child! My hardest number was three.

We had our daughter and when it was okay started trying for the second one. They are 20 months apart. I was on bed rest with both. I could have been paralyzed with the second one (I have a broken back).Best decision! Everyone is healthy. She loves her little brother. Always tries to play with him (he is almost 4 months and she just turned 2). She worries when he cries, smothers him in hugs and kisses, and loves him more than her parents :joy:. I always wanted 2 or 4 but 2 is enough (due to age and health issues). I grew up with a brother and it was the best. It’s a lot of work but very doable. I have 2 little kids in diapers, a big garden that I tend to every day, a household (cleaning cooking, laundry, etc.), we just got a puppy (another child), and I’m going back to school (I was going to med school when found out I was pregnant and needed to postpone). Anything is possible, you just have to want it bad enough! Good luck to you in either decision! :sparkling_heart:

Going from one to two children is great and is necessary for your first child needs a playmate and a sibling to grow, play and commiserate with. There’s nothing like sibling rivalry and sibling bond. Besides, it will give you a break from always having to entertain one child because the second one will create the companionship for the first. You’ll see.

I have two one of each. It is really good to have at least two if you can. The one child will not be by there self they will have someone to play with and not always feel alone.

Yes yes yes have 1⁄2 child your 1st child and you will love the 3rd 1It will be not bad but it’s not going to be easy either you will love them both I know I did my 1st to my second to my 3rd 2 hey I’m 70 this year and I still have a child it’s not bad I guess I’ll always be daddy bye.

My first child was a girl. I decided to have another one so my first would have company and I wished I would have stuck with one .They didn’t get along and still halfway do but they love each other. Your circumstance might be different. Two for me spelled trouble.

I have 2, 2 years apart. One of each. They are still close and both are in their 40’s.

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I am an only child and wish I had a sibling especially as my mom ages and gets needier. Someone to help with things and to be there for each other. That’s why I was adamant to have at least two and am currently 23 weeks with my second boy. I’m oddly not against 3 at this point if we can get a bigger house or addition. I’m worried itll be overwhelming with 2 also, but to me the benefits for my children far outweigh the few years of insanity lol

I would never have an only child by choice. Too hard on them later. But going from one to two was a big change but after that it was just another cup of water in the soup. I have 4 that are all grown now and wouldn’t change a thing.

It no harder with one then with two I had mine 7 years apart but then there is 4 years between my second and third I wish they were a little closer in age but other than that I love all my babies and couldn’t imagine my life any different

One to two is pretty uneventful. Prayed about having three and so glad I did because she is my best friend. So glad I had more than one and now I have six precious grands.

I have 3 girls and 1 boy they are the best of friends.and i’m one of 8 and love having all these sibling.Yes times were trying sometimes but you do what you have to do and i would of had it no other way.

my kids are almost 7 years apart, at frist, my daughter loved her little brother, but, around 2 years old, and he was getting into her room and she was not happy about this, and locks didn’t keep him out. he would always find a way in. there was alot of fighting sometimes, but, when my son got into his teen years. it was all good again, there best friends now, I’m glad them have each other . there now 35 and 27. them years fly by so fast. but, all kids have there good and bad days, just like us all. I would say go for it, have the 2nd one