Update on a previous post about my son going to his dads

My son’s dad went to another party over the weekend. And today found out family members he was in close contact with at the party tested positive for COVID. So, therefore, my son was exposed while visiting his dad. I have also now been exposed through my son, and I am 3 months pregnant. This is why I was so paranoid, NOT controlling. His dad is irresponsible, and even as a healthcare worker, does not take the necessary precautions. To everyone, please be careful out there. Not everyone is taking the virus seriously. They are exposing everyone, including your children. Protect them by any means, and trust your intuition.


You’re not considered exposed bc your son was exposed.
Only if he tests positive.
I had covid and none of the other 5 people in my house ever got it.


Go get tested for him
And you


keep yourself and your son safe–that is not controlling at all!


I’ve actually recently had a similar scare. Not with dad though.
So my partners coworkers room mate tested positive so I straight panicked cuz I guess partner stopped wearing his mask at the office with everyone else. I called around and if your son dose not test positive then your in the clear. Even if dad tests positive if your son hasn’t your all good. Litterally I’ve been at home for a cool minute and 5 months pregnant ant and holy Lordy.

But as long as he’s testing negative your in the clear.

How close is he to this person? Would he of been close to them? I’d be livid tbh. Absolutely livid.
My daughter brought it back from school. She (luckily. Very luckily) was completely asymptomatic. I wasn’t so lucky.
She was tested due to her severe and life threatening form of epilepsy. When she caught chicken pox she was having seizures none stop for 3 weeks. But was completely asymptomatic with this. Just watch out and stay safe


I literally had this conversation with our pediatrician on Friday. My 7 year old was sent home from school because of exposure and her pediatrician stated that our entire family including her 11 week old brother are not at any higher risk because she was exposed until or if she tests positive that’s another story. She hasn’t shown symptoms yet and we will go get tested thursday just to make sure she is negative. The only person exposed is the person standing within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes.


You’re not controlling! You actually care about your kids!


Your not controlling your protecting your child. I had the covid and I literally thought I was going to die. I couldn’t breathe

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This is why I am so scared for my kids dad coming on a plane from Washington to Texas. His wife is a nurse. And they want to pick up the kids right when they get off the plane. I’ve been following guidelines since March and am 6 month pregnant. I’m a nervous wreck

I get it. I do. But for those of us working in covid environments, our families are at risk… We have no say. Yes we get ppe, but I know many good medical staff who have been so careful and got covid so you can never be sure. You could of been asymptomatic 2 weeks ago and have antibodies. You don’t know. Go get a test for yourself and your son. Good luck x

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Look I did everything I was supposed to and still got it…guess what…no one else in my house did…
This is gonna be one of those things that eventually everyone is gonna get it…


My son had it and me and his dad and my who all live together didn’t get it. I feel like your being a lil crazy about this


We were told by health authorities that they dont care about third party exposure.


Me, my mother & father both had it, we did the correct everything and still caught it. A week out of isolation and my 6yo visited her dad… she came home with it. I found out the whole house had it there (including 3 of them being key workers)… my daughter is asthmatic, she had a temp for a night and had a headache and sore throat for a few days. I couldn’t stop her seeing her dad, I couldn’t stop him seeing her even being a key worker. You just have to keep to your bubble. Once she tested positive, we all isolated again. I can’t stop who she sees or who visits who etc when she isn’t in my care, you just have to follow the rules and guidelines. We did everything right, followed every rule laid out and we all still caught it. Everyone eventually will get it. It isn’t certain peoples fault for being ‘immature’. People are asymptomatic and you wouldn’t know they have it, or them themselves. It’s just a virus everyone will have to get at some point, we have to accept that. Hopefully nobody gets it too rough :crossed_fingers:


Is this a pity party because majority of your last post people thought you were in the wrong??? YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TAKE A CHILD AWAY FROM A PARENT THAT WANTS TO BE IN ITS LIFE. If you had a court order you would be charged with contempt and fined or jail. Do you understand that?? Unless the judge deems it that he is in harms way you have no right.

You arent any better. What did you do for thanksgiving? Im sure you had family over. Can you say 100% with out a doubt in your mind that any of them had NOT come in contact with someone with covid. They possibly could have and not know it. Or your job, youre telling me not one person tested positive for covid at your job? Or going out for a coffee or anything. Unless you stay away from everyone other then your house hold you have a chance of coming in contact or even getting it.Should he take your son away from you?

You are very much controlling and I feel bad for your son that he has a mother thats trying so hard to take away his father that actually wants to be apart of his life. Just sad


Son is considered exposed, if dad has it in this instance.

Covid 19 varies by case and strength of immune system and believe it or not pregnant women have pretty good immune systems. It also depends if you have a mutated strain of it, in that case the symptoms could be even worse. Its an ever mutating virus. Calm down and breathe, get you and your son tested. Praying is good for the soul and can give you peace. I hope you are okay!

Unless your son tested positive, you were not exposed. I’ve been exposed. I was at the children’s hospital with my son for his cancer treatments. I had to leave and get tested. It was negative. But still had to go quarantine. Just in case. My husband was in to be at the hospital with my son, because only I had been exposed through my co worker at work. I hadn’t texted positive. So no one that lived me with was actually exposed.

I’m sorry this is going to sound harsh but please for your sanity and your childs mental health…GET A GRIP.

  1. You are not considered exposed because your child was exposed.
    You would only be considered exposed if he tested positive.
    My mom tested positive on a thursday. My children’s classmates were not considered exposed because they weren’t positive
    They didnt need any kind of contact tracing.

  2. Contact tracing only goes back 48 hours from positive test or onset of symptoms. So if your ex’s friend tested positive today, then contact tracing would only go back to sunday.

  3. Just because your child was briefly exposed doesnt mean he’s going to get it. When my mom tested positive she asked me what I wanted her to do. I said “live as normally as possible” dont quarantine and dont wear a mask. If they’re going to get sick, it’s better they get it now while they’re already on quarantine than all of us taking turns getting it and some of us being on quarantine for months on end. They need OT and specialist appointments and school.
    And ya know what? NO ONE in the house has gotten covid.
    Husband was tested because he had “symptoms” he was negative I’m about 90% sure he had flu B. That he gave to me…I was tested for covid. Refused a flu test. Bottom line is literally NO ONE caught it from my mom despite us not taking any precaution other than handwashing and normal cleaning. No. One.

  4. Your attitude towards it all is probably more damaging to your childs overall well being than your ex “not taking it seriously” (which again is your opinion)
    Instilling this much fear into your child is completely damaging.
    And keeping your child away. Then preening about being “right” when you let him go so you can continue to withhold your child is wrong.
    Sadly, I know it’s not because you’re a bad person but you are a person who has lost control of thier thoughts and emotions.

You cannot keep your child away from his dad. If I was dad, at this point I would not just file contempt on you but I would file for temporary custody until you can get yourself under control.