Valentines day box ideas?

Does anyone have any ideas they wouldn’t mind sharing for valentines day boxes for a kindergartener? He doesn’t know what he wants to make and it’s due on Friday! Thanks


Walmart has cute valentine buckets with lids for $1.48

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Decorate a Kleenex box with paint , paper , stickers etc

We made my sons out of a shoe box and put green construction paper all over it then cut an orange piece for over the eyes and made it look like a ninja turtle. Found this one on google


Target has really cute boxes to choose from. My son got a dinosaur and my daughter got a unicorn . Easy understandable instructions for the not so crafty moms like me! Lol :joy:

Found this on Pinterest. It was real simple to make. Used table cloths to cover the box and for the cape. Printed out the emblem and colored it and Used colored paper to make the belt and bottoms.

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I’m a super lame parent and just buy stickers and let then decorate it on their own w markers.
This year 2 kids didnt even decorate their box just cut holes in it. I think one is using a gift bag.

Ask him what he wants. One of my boys wanted this(ones on top) so my youngest picked out a toy to use too he picked a boat we are making it all blue with waves whales seahorses and shells

Tide pod box and tape. He’s 5 and did it all by himself besides tearing the tape and writing his name.

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My 5 th grader did this


My daughter and i Made elsas castle, super easy, used everything around the house

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Empty tissue boxes are good too, already has the whole on top. Let him paint it or just glue a bunch of different things on it.

Made with construction paper, stickers and some cardboard

Made with paint, google eyes, a box and craft foam. It’s a shark and only took a few hours to make

Wow these look awesome!!! Very creative

Love monster, kit from Target

My friends little boy did a WWE ring

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Don’t worry about fancy. You’ll just toss it out after. Paint or wrap a Kleenex box & decorate. Or use 2 paper plates to make a heart, punch holes & have him lace them.

Go to hobby lobby, dollar tree, or any crafting story they have kits and boxes

We made a jeep. You could make any type of vehicle though.