Was I wrong to ask my boyfriend not to take his son this weekend?

I’m seven months pregnant, and I have three children with my ex-husband who takes them every other weekend. My boyfriend has a son who he takes on Saturday’s. I work 40 hours a week, and he works all week as well. He has a day during the week off an Sundays off I have normal weekends off. Last night I asked him not to take his son at the weekends. I don’t have my kids so we can have a day together that we can spend without kids. He instantly started to get mad and packed his things and left. He moved into my house months ago, and when his sons here, I end up watching him an caring for him, cook, clean, etc. I care for his son when he’s not here, also if he wants to stay an extra day to play with my kids. His son actually asked if he could live here. I don’t have space for five kids. But I honestly just need the break some weekends. Was I wrong for the asking? He got up and left an said I’m not picking my girlfriend over my kid. I didn’t ask him to pick one or the other I asked for a day to be able to spend together since, in a few months, we’ll have no time alone when the baby comes.


My fiance has 2 boys, I have 0 kids. If you cant love his son like you love your kids, you have no place in his life. He is a part of your life now. If you dont like it get to stepping. If you cant treat his child or care for his child the way you do yours…dont be with him. You will ostracize his son. If the weekend is the only time he gets to see him get over it and yourself.

In my opinion you’re in the wrong and he had every right to be upset.

And if you dont want to care for his child you need to go. That little boy needs all the love he can get just like your kids. If you cant 9r dont want to give that love go away


Yup you’re wrong and good for him for choosing his child over you.


He only gets him on Saturdays. Yes he stays extra time but you get your kids all the time and for him to not take his child is not fair. I get you want time alone but it’s not fair to ask him that.


I know it sounds bad at first, but no, you’re not wrong. It’s normal for couples to have alone time together. My boyfriend also has a child with an Ex (a 13 year old boy). We have a 2 year old son together as well. And there’s times I’ll have my son watched by my sister and his son will skip a weekend so we can plan something. My boyfriend only has weekends off. And he takes his son EVERY weekend. So there’s never just a day for him and I. It’s normal to plan alone time occasionally.

A day off asking for a day off is totally acceptable. Is there no family or friends you can go to for a night so he can still see his son? If he only sees him one day a week I think it’s a little harsh to ask him to relinquish his day for you… Maybe he and his son can go to a friend’s house for the day? Compromise maybe :woman_shrugging:


You have kids. There’s no such thing as a break.
Yes. Time alone together is necessary… But it doesn’t mean you should ask him to choose that over his child. Ever.
I mean think about it. In 3 months there’s going to be a kid around all the time. No matter whos kids are where. So why make a change ?


How dare you? Yes you’re wrong!!! People with kids come as a package, if that bothers you kick rocks!!


I’m divorced and if my exhusband didn’t put my children first I would be livid. I support your boyfriends decision. Kids come first.

I think If your boyfriend is NOT pulling his weight in the care of HIS child then you do have to right to ask or tell him he needs to look after his child so you can have a break. Its a 2 way street. He should be helping you as much as you help him!


I would have packed and left you too. If anything I would encourage my partner to see his child more even if that meant extra work for me.

Not wanting to cook and clean and be the main care giver for your SS is one thing. Dad should step up and take care of his kid on his days. You wanting him to give up his time is wrong. You want a day alone YOU make the effort. Take a day off when he’s off or find a sitter for your kids.


I’m sorry but yes you were wrong. He is with your kids most of the time, and as he only has his child 1 day a week why don’t you spend time together on the Sunday if all kids not there. You got together knowing one another have kids. Why should you partner not see his son?? Turn the tables the other way how would you feel if your ex said he wasn’t having your kids??


If he did this to you I’m sure you would get upset about it. Shame that it sounds like you have just lost a great father cz he made the right decision.


Yes, you’re wrong. I’m glad he walked out.


Yup definitely in the wrong on this one.


Everybody deserves a break. Grandparents watch the grandkids for the parents. Jusr because you have kids doesn’t mean you get no time to yourself. Everybody deserves a little break. You guys make it seem like it’s a jail sentence. She wanted one day. It’s not like she said don’t let him over ever again. And who knows, maybe they could have done something to get him a different day to make up for it


Next time don’t date a man who has kids, IDK🤷🏾‍♀️…