Was I wrong to keep my son home from school after having a meltdown?

This morning, my son had a complete melt down about going to school, I have never seen him act this way. Today was his Christmas program, so I decided to keep him home. I know he hates being in programs, I know he hates being center of attention. That’s just his personality. He likes to be alone, doing is own thing. Was I wrong to keep him home?


Note today my grandson stayed home too because of the same reason

You’re his mother whatever you decide is right.

Nope, not wrong. My son’s program was after school so I picked him up right at dismissal and let him skip it. No shame here.

We as adults have bad days, and sometimes kids do too. It is OK to give the a break :slight_smile:

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Kids need mental health days too. I think you did the right thing by letting him stay home! :heart:

It’s probably frowned upon, but it might be worth looking into why he feels that way.


Parenting win Mama :heart::heart: Mental Health is so important these days :heart::heart:


Not at all just like adults, tiny humans have bad days and we should encourage healthy coping which includes taking a mental day. Talk with him more about school it seem like something more might be trigger the sudden “going to school” meltdown.

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Possibly. Only time I’ve kept my son home was when he was sick or when my gma passed and I needed the company. If he had that much of a problem you should have brought him to school and stressed the fact he doesn’t want to be in this thing and that you’ll sit in the audience with him so he can behave.


Wrong…no. But at some point they have to face their fears and work through them.


No I think one day off is fine

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Nah. I have let my son have a mental health day. We all need one every now and then. It kind of back fired on me though because he tried it again and I had to park and drag him into the school 🤦

Never force your child to be in a situation that makes them uncomfortable in any way.


I don’t think you were wrong. ALWAYS, do what your “Mama gut” says!!! Every child is different and nobody knows him like you do. You’re a great Mom!!!

I let my kid stay home sometimes. Not always but i give him breaks

My son is homeschooled because of the meltdowns. He was having severe anxiety in the drop off line.

Nope! I would of did the same ! I believe the world would be a better place if everybody was entitled to mental health days ! … sometimes you just need time away !!


Today my son (5) stayed home because he got himself worked up about having to dress up. So i kept him home :woman_shrugging:t2:

Don’t put yourself down mama you done what you thought was best. My son is like that two iv had people question me saying they think he might be autistic even his nursery have brought it up. I just let that go over my head as I think he is just a shy child who likes his own company. but I do try to get him do the social things he doesn’t want to do as I feel he will get more confidence that way.