Was the chinese gender predictor chart right for you?

Hii just wondering how many moms used the Chinese calendar for their child’s gender and if it was right or not? Thanks!


Yes, with my boy an girl lol

It was right for my first which was a boy. And was wrong on my second, I had another boy :slight_smile:

Wrong both times for me

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It was correct with my first, but wrong with my 2nd and 3rd

Nope. I was supposed to have a girl this time and im having a boy lol

It was right for me! It said boy and I had a boy

Right for my 1st wrong for my second. I had both boys. This time around it says girl and we got 2 weeks left till we find out so we’ll see :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::sparkling_heart:

I was 17 with my first and the youngest it goes is 18.
It was wrong with my current pregnancy

It was right for me!

Mine was right for all three of my kids

All three was right, but I was skeptical until they came and entered this world lol

It was right for my first but not my second

Where is the chart❓ I’ve lost the post…

Right for my first, not my second.

Mine was right with all three of my kids well currently pregnant with the 3rd

Big fat nope both times :joy:

It was correct for my one and only son!

Mine was right for both of mine x

Right for both boy and girl 1st and 2nd born!