We are getting our son tested for ADHD: What should we expect?

Due to reports from my 6yo son’s teacher, we are having him tested for ADHD. He has a hard time keeping his hands and feet to himself, along with not listening to redirection or simple instructions. He won’t stay in his seat and talks excessively. What are some?s I should ask the dr, what should I be prepared for? also, what are some tips or tricks to get him to behave better? I have grounded him, taken away electronics and all his toys, I have even set him at the kitchen table all evening with just books as punishment for his bad behavior.


They will try and put him on meds. I would advise to wait until hes older. Hes young and full of energy but every doctor u see will throw adderall at him


You need to get a book on ADHD and get a referral for him to see a specialist and take their advice.

Yeah you’re punishing your child for a developmental issue, not bad behavior. Take him to a psychologist who can help you with coping skills in addition to any potential meds.


IMO he’s 6. You shouldn’t make him sit still as a punishment… I mean you wouldnt wanna be stuck at a table reading either…hes just growing up and I’m sure schools a different environment then home. I wouldnt put him on meds just yet. I would see what other options there are


I wouldn’t use books as punishment. Have u tried sports to see how he does following directions, listening etc in an environment outside of the classroom?

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If he is ADHD, he can t help it wiithout proper medication. The Doctor will be the judge. Good luck.

Don’t punish him if he can’t help it x try to encourage him by play x

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My son was tested at 6, it’s a basic questionnaire. How he rates will determine if he’s ADHD. With that diagnosis you can try medication…

No tips on how to get him to behave… pretty trial and error.

Changing diet may help, limited sugar ect. Can also ask for an IEP with the school. If he’s behind you can assess for special education with the AEA.

First can u sign him up for sports ? Does He have downtime before each class? Does he get enough time to eat? TO PLAY? My son as yours was tested when he was 5…His Dr. Said…after watching him play for 1 hour Tell that school&Teachers to become more fun… John was active and I was tired… lol He also was in Flag football/wrestling &After school I let him wined DOWN…play outside…he was a HYPER DUDE…however we where not about to give him something we as parents didnt tug think was Good …I trust Myself &His Dr…so …Good luck…ps I understand some may need it …also

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Where I live you have to see a child psychologist…they do behavior therapy first before any meds

Great resources.

My daughter is severe ADHD with Genetic Disorders and Comorbidities. As am I. check out Dr Russel Barkley. He’s the Bomb.

Please don’t take the advice of waiting until older. That 100% hinders their learning. Personal experience.
Medication is 100% justifiable for ADHD. But not everyone with ADHD needs medication. And Drs do not push medication either.

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This is a before and after picture of being on adderall! Only a years difference! It wasn’t worth the side effects which one of them was no appetite and losing weight! He’s been off it now for quite awhile and he still struggles from time to time but we find ways to manage! Send him to school with someone he can fidget with (stress ball ect), caffeine has the opposite effect on adhd kids, try giving your child a little cup of Mountain Dew prior to school and see if that helps, Walgreens/Walmart also sells dissolvable all natural calming tablets that work fairly well too! Don’t Medicare unless you absolutely have too!

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Punishment will not work if he has adhd routine stay to it and if he get to much put him somewhere safe for time out and give yourself some time. Get him a diagnosed if he have it the u can get pip to help with him to give yourself a break

My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD last January. Literally all he did was make her read something and quizzed her on it while I filled out one piece of paper. And boom. ADHD and odd. We didn’t do the medication route because she’s doing too good in school. She just has a very hard time listening to what she’s told to do and comprehending anything. Even in school. She’ll be mine in March.

Hes to young to really test . My son is adhd we took him to Duke university in nc the doctor told us not to medicate until until he was 8 . Diet has alot to do with hyperactivity red dye is really bad. . Stay on a routine and fallow through on punishment

You and the school teachers will have to fill out questionnaires.
What helped my son focus was NO ELECTRONICS Mon-Fri he earns them on the weekend. IT WAS HARD to get it started but we are 2 years into it and he knows he’s better at school for it.
I won’t recommend using books as punishment. He will have a hard time in school after, seeing all the work as punishment. I have boxed up all his toys and took them out of the equation, and left only a small educational toys avaiable. <3 good luck mama!

ADHD is a possibility but really unlikely.

Your son is 6. “Adult” behavior like being able to sit still for hours on end shouldn’t be expected by a six-year-old.

Again, while ADHD is a real thing, it is insanely over-diagnosed.

There are plenty of behavioral strategies worth trying before diagnosing or medicating the poor boy.

It may be frustrating trying to corral a room full of kids, but that’s no reason for the teacher to jump straight to ADHD.


And if hes ADHD remember when someone talks to him hes not hearing them right its kinda like the teacher on Charlie brown blah blah blah

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Make sure he’s sleeping well and doesn’t have any sleeping problems before you get him diagnosed.
Sleep deprivation symptoms in children are the same as ADHD/ADD symptoms. So many child get miss diagnosed with ADHD/ADD