We are potty training, how can I get my daughter to wear panties?

My daughter just turned two, and we are working on potty training. She has done amazing with it as long as we’re at the house, and she goes naked. How did y’all get them to wear panties? I’ve tried introducing them to her, but she doesn’t even try to go on the potty when she has them on.


I let my daughter pick them out. I took her to the store and showed her all the different character panties. Once she picked them out, she was so excited to wear HER panties. Good luck!

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i picked what character she liked and put them on her…we did the “panty method” when potty training. …worked wonders for her

My daughter was like that. She’d use the potty all the time when she was naked. But, as soon as she had panties or a diaper on, she would pee in them.

I put my daughter’s panties on under her diaper. That way, she could feel that she was wet, but it didn’t make a huge mess.

Get her plain ones. Let her color them with washable markers. Put them on her. When she wets them her skin will change colors & her drawing will be ruined. It worked with 1 of mine. Before washing let soak in water so it won’t stain your clothes in the washer.

Hype it up. Make it a big deal. Have her pick out her own big girl panties.

My daughter was really excited about big girl undies and she hated the feeling of having wet clothes so potty training was really easy. I’m nervous about having to potty train my son, though. He’s only a year and a half, though, so I have a little bit of time still but… its coming up quick. Best of luck.

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Let her pick out big girl undies and let her know that they are special big girl undies for big girls who use the potty!

Also, incentives work! Make potty time fun so that even with undies on she wants to go. We did mini marshmallows. 1 for pee and 2 for poo. Worked like a charm!

Skip them for a while just use loose shorts Try in a month or so

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Love this idea! Worked for me as well!

I just went through the same thing. My two year old would only use the potty if she was completely butt naked. She also would hate it if I tried to put clothes on her. After 8 weeks or so I was able to introduce underwear. I also had to start warning her before we had to leave or had company that she was gonna have to put clothes on. TBH it was a struggle. But consistency, always being positive and an m & m after every potty in the potty was key. I have to watch her like a hawk so she won’t strip when were out. But she’s finally completely potty trained now.

Honestly just keep trying. My daughters been on and off since she turned two. I didn’t want to force her and her not want to use the potty so we’ve done our best to encourage her as often as we can and she’s doing great! Good luck!

Maybe she isn’t quite ready yet to potty train. I started my daughter out when she just turned 2 and she kept peeing in her panties like they were diapers. I don’t think she quite understood what I was wanting from her. We stopped with the training and started back up 6 months later and she took to it easily on our second round.

Yep, I tookmy daughter to Walmart, made a big deal. Let her pick out panties and let her pay for them. It was easier if she wore little dresses instead of pants or shorts too.

Just put them on her. Did it with ours. She will have accidents just keep spare ones off to the side with towel. Put her on the towel after an accident for 2 minutes. Then clean her up. The panties feel weird at first but just go with it. Dont give up. Also every 15 minutes use the potty. Its exhausting but if you do it all at once and just stick with panties itll happen. Good luck!

Let her pick them,
My sister let my niece wear a swimsuit, but if she peed in it she wouldn’t get to go swimming, cause itd be dirty, it worked

Have a sister or friend call the house as her favorite princess character. Princess should talk about how proud she is of the little girl going on the potty etc. really sell it

I bought ruffle butt panties for my daughter, she loved them! Of course she wore them backwards so she could see the ruffles :joy:


Let her pick out “pretty panties” she won’t want to mess up.

She’s only 2. Give it time. As long as she can wipe her own ass for school when she’s 5, y’all r fine…