We are struggling to get pregnant: Advice?

I am 35, and my husband is 38. A very happy family can’t ask for more. We have five years old daughter, who was a surprise baby, and I feel so blessed to have her in my life. We love her more than our lives. When she was born or even before that, I always wanted only one kid, but now I feel like I desperately need another child. I get emotional every now and then. We have been trying for the last six months and no hope. I got myself checked, no issues. I m losing hope and getting frustrated. Sometimes I just want to give up. Can someone please suggest what to do? Should I not worry about another kid or how to get rid of to urge I have in my heart. Am I raising one kid’s stories? I don’t want to go through fertility treatment and all. Thank you very much


It can take up to a year for healthy couples to get pregnant. Try to stop worrying (that hinders it!) and enjoy the ride (no pun intended :flushed::flushed::flushed::joy:)


Baby shoes over the bed

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Stop “trying”… sometimes that stresses you. Just don’t think about it when you have sex.


put your rear butt up and a pillow under you after intercourse keep your legs up for 10 mins or more. I know how you feel we tried for a year for my second baby.

Has your husband been checked? His sperm count could be low

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It took me several years to get pregnant with my first. As soon as I gave up and quit stressing about it, I got pregnant! Try to stop thinking about it so much and just have fun trying! My next two kids were not planned either, just had fun trying! :joy:

Maybe you are trying to hard and stressing your body out.

Stop trying. We were not planning on baby #3 and a night of vodka changed that. Lol

The more you plan the less likely it is to happen. Just go with flow. Best of luck!

No disrespect, but women at that age have a harder time to get pregnant because your eggs aren’t the greatest. I’d just be happy with the child you have.


There is 12 years between my first and second born. Me and my SO tried for close to 7 years before our second came along. Stop stressing and stop planning that’s when it happened for us! Good Luck!

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I had friends use this stuff called “pre-seed” and they got pregnant right away after having some trouble. You can get it off amazon and read all the reviews!


Some of my friends had this issue as soon as they “stopped” trying they just didn’t try as hard they ended up getting pregnant very fast stress not only effects u but your partner being stressed can to. Just relax have fun with it don’t do it every day do it ever other or every few days.

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Talk with your obgyn about Clomid and use a safe lube to help encourage the sperm. The clomid is a pill you take for 3 days and it makes you drop more eggs… I hope everything will work out for you. Try to relax and not be so stressed about it and just enjoy time with your hubby.

Stop trying and let it happen that what I had to do

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I was 33 and my bf was 41 when we conceived our youngest

Stop trying. Let go and have fun.

(No disrespect intended) It could be your age also trying to have a child at your age there is a higher chance of a high risk pregnancy. I would definitely just be happy with the child I have if I was you. But if it’s something you feel like you wanted no matter what then my opinion would be stop trying it stresses your body out.

My oldest is 12 and we wanted another baby and we tried and tried but nothing and then the doctor told me to start taking prenatal vitamins and I was pregnant with my now 3 year old within a couple months