We got a new dog and she is not the right fit for our family: Advice?

Anyone else in a constant battle with their significant other over an animal? We’ve had peace in our house and with our first dog and cat for over a year. They could sleep in a bed together and loved each other so well. They love relaxation and inside time with the family. They both know bedtime routines and that we sleep in on weekends. There was no barking, and commands were respected. We recently added another dog into the mix, and she is a spitfire. She has completely disrupted our entire family dynamic. She’s insanely different than our other animals and has completely flipped our family upside down. Our constant fight is her endless barking at all hours, her aggressive behavior towards the other animals. I’ve tried everything to try to accept her, but it always ends up in a fight over her. I’m also pregnant and due in July. The stress of it all is heartbreaking sometimes. What would you do in this situation?


If you feel she isn’t the right fit then I would find her a new home. I wouldn’t want you to eventually treat her some type of way because she is causing fights.

I would honestly look into a trainer and board her somewhere with one. It can be pricey. Also come join the dog training 101 group they can help you

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Kennel training or rehoming it’s not worth the struggle & stress


I’d rehome her :woman_shrugging:

It’s not a bad thing to rehome a dog who doesn’t fit in with your family. Some breeds are more energetic than others. Some need strict training. Some need to be the only dog. It’s not a bad thing to find a family that suits them instead of spending hundreds on forcing the dog to fit in. Not a bad thing at all.


If it were me, we would find anther home for her. You have to much going on. If your husband insist , you may try some training , of the dog . haha your husband would not approve. Men are harder to train than dogs.


Rehome the dog. You are not a good fit. And that is okay.

Unless you are willing to put in the time, effort, money and patience. Rehome her.


We had a similar issue and my husband wanted that dog so bad. We tried for months and eventually rehomed her. I’d advise doing it sooner than later. You don’t want to much time for the dog to get attached to yall.


Uhhhhh hire a trainer??


I would suggest finding a good rescue that’s going to take the time to rehome your pet for a small fee. But if your just going to go out and get another dog after that then maybe just take the time to train this one.

Try a trainer or rehome. Aggressiveness is hard to correct


Sounds like you weren’t ready for another dog in the first place. If you aren’t ready to give an animal a forever home and put in the time and effort it takes to train then you should not own a dog.


Took us about a year to get our second dog to fully adjust to the family,… Same issues!! Rehoming was never an option for us (but I wasn’t expecting either). Glad we stuck it out but you have to do what’s best for your family. Maybe agree to a date and certain milestones you expect accomplished by then… It may motivate dedicated training. Good luck!!


It is Ok for a dog not to fit, Rehome to someone with more time.


I would rehome her, but not carelessly. Make sure the family that gets her can cater to her needs, and knows she is a spitfire. Ask the family questions about if there will be someone at home often to walk her/yard to run around in/ ask for update pictures every so often to reassure she is in a safe and caring home .

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How old is the dog? Animals take time for adjustment especially if there’s other animals in the home. It’s not the animals fault. We have two cats and a 7 month old cavapoo n let me tell ya this little girl is a spitfire barks at every single little noise even her own reflection in the window forgets she bigger than the cats n they chase each other constantly and they will egg each other on (trust me when I say this). She’s a little aggressive too but only with others NOT me because I trained her the minute we got her that I’m the dominant one n she’s not n she knows this with me but with my mom n my son well she tests her limits completely. You need to train your dog honestly cause if this is an older dog n not a puppy and she’s been rehomed before its aggressive cause of dang anxiety wondering if it going to be rehomed again (yes believe it or not animals actually act out cause they have feelings n have aggressive behavior due to that) and if it’s an older dog or puppy the dog prolly hasn’t been around other dogs or cats enough. Seems like to me if u wasn’t pregnant u would put the effort in but cause you’re pregnant you simply don’t want to do the work it requires to transition this dog into your home.


As long as you advocate for her ,place her for adoption with a good rescue and pay her fees in advance for the right home . Follow up on her care and well being .

With a new baby coming I would definitely rehome the dog. I personally don’t think aggression can be fixed.


Simple. Rehome , but Don’t ever get another dog, you have no commitment.
Or, hire a trainer/ behaviourist for this poor fur baby who already sees you as “home” , that deserves better than you. He just needs guidance, training and boundaries. It’s people like you that a part of the reason so many poor dogs are in rescue cages right now. I’ve seen so many broken, really troubled, aggressive / reactive dogs transformed into the most content, settled adoring family members. But if you can’t be arsed - it says way more about you.


Rehome or return her to previous owner (if she isn’t from a shelter). My husband and I tried to adopt a dog late last year when my baby was barely 1 years old. The dog was absolutely not a right fit for us for many reasons and I ended up having a breakdown.