We were told our unborn baby has a life threatening birth defect: What would you do?

I’ve never posted a question before, but I’m at a major crossroads. I’m 19 weeks pregnant with a boy. We just found out he has a birth defect that isn’t very common. The doctors keep telling us they don’t really know anything about it and won’t even know how bad or the affects on the baby’s life would be. We are torn on whether we want to put the baby through surgery after surgery or terminate the pregnancy. The defect is a hole in the abdomen where his intestines are growing outside of his body. And all the doctors can say is it could be fine, or it could be life long disabilities for the baby. We don’t know what to do. Would you hope for a good outcome and follow through with the pregnancy or terminate?


There’s a lot of babies born with this. They put them in a bag and slowly go back into the abdomen. I personally have a high school friend who’s little boy is so cute and amazing and lives life to the fullest and he has it. I wouldn’t terminate at all.


So I’m just going to say that my cousin’s child who is now 8 have the same problem and she is perfectly healthy Granite she cannot play Rough Sports probably but she is a happy healthy seven-year-old there’s a huge possibility of that if you are not 100% confident that you want to terminate this pregnancy don’t do it


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It’s your baby boy. Pray and love him. No matter what.


Rayah Goodwin can you help her?

Would not terminate. I would have the baby. It can ha e a great lofe.


I knew a baby born with this. She is a happy and healthy 6 year old. Just had surgerys when she was infant.


Look up mightymarc on fb

I would continue the pregnancy


Ask yourself if you can live yhe rest of your life wondering what if? Personally i would not terminate.


Mumma they always tell you the worst. There’s a lot of babies born like that and have healthy lives. You do what’s best for you all. Can they do in utero surgery? Ask for your options.


Seek a second opinion.


I think this is a highly personal decision and no one can tell you what the best choice is except for you and yours. Im not sure what I would do personally but I feel that nobody should pressure you to lean one way or the other. Weigh out your pros and cons and make a decision you are sure you won’t regret.


Continue… dont wonder what if you had … you can do it mama


This is absolutely not something you should post to get other people’s opinions on, honestly. This is so personal and should be kept that way.


I’m so sorry you are facing this. You know your situation best and will make the best decision for your family. Perhaps researching the condition yourself will help you know what to do.

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Go with your gut ultimately. I don’t know if I could but can you? It’s your baby and your body and your future it’s your decision to make. I wish you the best of luck with whatever path you choose. Stay strong momma

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I know someone that had this and he was only in nicu for a month and is healthy and happy. I wouldn’t terminate baby.


I would not terminate.