Weight gain during/after pregnancy?

How much weight have you pregnant women gained throughout your pregnancy. And what is your weight now?


I was 135 and got to 193 right before I went into labor. My son is 11 months and I currently weigh 150 :roll_eyes:

Right now, at 33 weeks, I’m 155…the biggest I’ve ever been in my life. I’m hoping it comes right off like it did with my first. We’ll see.

I’m 29 weeks now I went from 246 to 194. I haven’t gained weight even though I’ve been trying to!

I used to be 56kg… Almost ten years and 2 kids later I weigh 89kgs🙈

i gained 32lbs during my pregnancy, i’m now 61/2 months postpartum and have lost 30lbs. (I was also like 10lbs over my average weight when i got pregnant) But I don’t go to the gym or have a special diet, so it’s just coming off over time. I’ve heard breastfeeding also helps to lose the baby weight, couldn’t really tell for me though.

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I was very stressed and did not gain until the last month, i ended up gaining 18 weight at delivery was 180 lost 10 immediately- by 2 weeks check i was at 172 by 6 week I was 154-- very rough with ppd … Now I’m at 190 but a healthy wright and drs are very please i am also 5’10

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Was 104 gained 30 pounds and now I’m 109. 11 months postpartum.

I was underweight when I got pregnant. I was at 128lbs when I should’ve been 140. Right before I gave birth, I was 216lbs. It took me a year and a half to lose everything I wanted and now I’m a healthy 145lbs. It’s overwhelming with the weight gain but just keep in mind you have a precious little on growing inside you. You’ll lose it in no time!

I gained 20lbs total. Started at 124# and went to 144#. I was 130# when I left the hospital after birth and back to normal weight after 2.5 weeks.

Gained 11 with my first. Gained 9 with my second.
Lost it all plus more after birth.

Currently 142 and 17.5 weeks pregnant. I’m in the negatives with weight right now.

I gained roughly 40lbs this time around… I haven’t stepped on the scales yet but my pre pregnancy clothes fit so yay lol

I was 98lbs before baby i got to 165 during and now im stuck at 154

With my 1 week old, I went from 175 to 202. I’m now at 190 :broken_heart:

Before weight was 170. I was 226 when I gave birth. I’m 1 wk post partum and I’ve lost 15lbs.

I was 130 before my first and 215 at delivery. 180 after delivery. I spent a year trying to lose the weight and got down to 145 before finding out I was pregnant again. I was 178 at delivery. Once I was given the clear to work out again I did. I’m 8 months PP and weight 150.

207 prepregancy - 223 day of labour - 197 1 week postpartum

I gained 50… lost almost 60… im now 120

Was 115 by the end I was 170 now 20 months after my son I’m 136.

I gained 17-20 with both. Came right off after a few weeks. I also didn’t make eating a priority after each so that’s probably why.