Were any mamas put on aspirin during the pregnancy?

Have any other mamas out there been put on Aspirin during their pregnancy?? If so, why? Also, has anyone been on Aspirin while breastfeeding?? I hemorrhaged with my firstborn, and they wanted to start me on Aspirin during this pregnancy. I am still breastfeeding and am extremely nervous about taking Aspirin, given the fact of breastfeeding and hemorrhaging with my first. Thank you for any suggestions/replies!


I’m in baby aspirin this pregnancy because I guess it can help prevent Preeclampsia.


I was on aspirin with my last 2 pregnancies help prevent preeclampsia like I had with my 1st

I have a family history of heart attack and high blood pressure so I was out on it while pregnant with my first daughter and I kept taking it. I am 39 weeks pregnant with our second little now

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I was on aspirin for poor blood flow through the cord…

I am also due to high blood pressure to prevent preeclampsia

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I am on baby aspirin because I had 2 miscarriages back to back and they told me to take them along with the progesterone.

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Baby aspirin, yes.
High blood pressure.

Yes my dr put me on 81mg of aspirin up until week 36 of pregnancy your dr will tell you to stop it around there

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I was put on it with last baby (number 5) who is now 3 because of my age while pregnant 43 and to help prevent pre-eclampsia


I took aspirin at the beginning of this pregnancy because I have a clotting problem. Ended up losing the last pregnancy at 16 weeks because a clot went through his cord. Now I’m on blood thinner shots for the rest of the pregnancy.

I took it along with progesterone my last pregnancy, and am currently on both again this pregnancy. I’ve had recurrent miscarriages.

I was put on because I’m over 35 expecting twins and help prevent preclampcia. Was told its automatic for anyone over a certain age and if having multiples.

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I would be concerned about taking aspirin with a history of hemorrhage. Aspirin acts as a blood thinner and can cause hemorrhage to be worse.


I was because I found out I had factor v blood clotting disorder while in my second trimester.

I have factor 5 leiden disorder and have thick blood. To prevent blood clots, they put me on aspirin.

I was on baby aspirin which is smaller dose because I was high risk of having pre-eclampsia I had to stop so many weeks before. Your Gp will tell u when. X

I was on 1 aspirin a day up until 8 months with my baby, and I have a family history of blood that will not clot. It didnt harm either of us x

I was on low dose aspirin with this pregnancy it’s supposed to help prevent preeclampsia but it didn’t work for me. Had my baby last week at 34 weeks.

I was told to take asprin every day from 15weeks thru untill 36 weeks due to my age. My healthy baby girl is now 5months old.