Were you able to give birth vaginally after having c-sections?

Hey any momma’s out there have any more than 2, 3 or 4 c-sections? Were you able to have a vaginal birth after the 2nd, 3rd or 4th? We have 2 little ones that have both been born via c-section. Our first born ended up being an emergency section and our second we planned for vaginal but our doctor insisted on having a date planned as well so if they didn’t arrive, then section it was. We always planned on having a large family. Just wondering what other momma’s went through. Thanks in advance


I was my mother’s first child and was delivered by c-section due to being breech. My younger brother and sister were both born vaginally. No problems with any birth. This was in the 80’s.

I was informed that you can only have a VBAC after your first c section only.


My sister had 2 by C Section and then one vaginally. I guess it depends on why your doctor initially chose C section. She was so small boned that the vaginal birth messed up something inside and she has to have surgery to repair the damage months later.

first was c section second was vaginally

I had natural birth, then emergency c from my girl being breech, then i was able to have another natural birth with my 3 third. I was told if I had another c section I would have to have c section for other births. I would never do a c section if I didn’t have to and my doctor never said I had to have another one it was my choice to have a natural or c section after my second one. If u want a natural birth then have one don’t let anyone tell u other wise unless it’s a health concern.

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My first was vaginally, second C section (due to placenta previa) and third was Vaginally. (All of my kids are 6-7 yrs apart)

You have to find the right doctor. The one my sister had allowed her to try vba2c with her 3rd child unfortunately he didn’t come before 40 weeks so she ended up with another csection and then had her 4th with a planned csection. I had the same doctor and he allowed me to try vbac after 1 but didn’t allow me to do vba2c as hospital policies had changed from that time

Most doctors will not allow you to deliver naturally after 2 c-sections as there is an increased chance of uterine rupture. I THINK it’s only like a 20% chance and there is of course no way of knowing for sure what would happen …it all depends on how you healed, your labor, the size of your baby, etc but most people don’t want to risk a potential rupture as it would be a very serious emergency at that point. It’s really something you would have to discuss with your doctor.

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My sister had a csection and after had 4 vaginally.

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I had a c section with my twins 10 years ago… then my next pregnancy the drs told me on my second if i didnt have my son naturally by his due date i would have to have a c section… he didnt come out natural :frowning: that was 7 years ago
Now im pregnant again and they wont even let me consider having a natural even though i have had many fights with the hospital they said its to risky could rupture your scar and have internal bleeding and they wont know.

It depends on your dr. In most cases if you’ve had a c section almost every time then bc of the risk and scar tissue, theyre not gonna allow you to vaginally deliver bc its too risky. It also depends on why you had to have one. I had an emergency c section with baby number 3 bc at 9.5cm she wrapped the cord around her neck on the way out. I was allowed a vaginal delivery with baby four and baby 5. If its a matter of baby being too big for you to vaginally deliver then they also won’t let you do it

My first was a section side to side cut and I was told by ppl that I’d always be a section after that. I had my second 14 months later vbac the doctors wer the ones who suggested to try and that they wer on hand then to do a section if needed. It went fine tho I said I was finished after that :joy::joy:2 more came along after that tho and the same “normal” Labour except for the third he needed help at 15days over but he was too comfortable and just to lazy to come out :joy::joy:

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I could not because the doctor cut me the wrong way with my first baby. I was upset initially however I learned it was critical to get him out so I was ok then.

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They tried to get me to do a vbac with my twins after I had been told I couldn’t after my daughter’s emergency c section. I told them real quick it wasn’t going to happen

You probably can but it depends on a lot one of them being how long has is been since ur last one

I have 3 beautiful children! 1st was an emergency c-section and I was cut not only side to side but up and down, 2nd was a planned c-section, I didn’t know you can try vbac the dr I was seeing didn’t tell me and I didn’t know any better so that upset me and for my 3rd I was planning on trying for a vbac but I had some complications and it wasn’t safe for her and I so had another emergency c-section. I was scared because I already had 2 previous but was told when I found out I was pregnant it was possible just a bit high risk. After I had my last they told me it was a good thing I had her c-section because the lining of my uterus was really thin and it could have went bad for me. That being said I was told I shouldn’t have any more children because It’d be very high risk. Hard pill to swallow but I’m more than blessed with my 3 :heart: :pray:

Each additional csectuon.brings more risks. I highly recommend looking for a different doctor. Search ican (international cesarean awareness network ) in your area. There is also a group for vbacs. Avoid anything that has "doctor amy teutur’ she is anti anything natural and a nut job and I believe lost her license.

I had my first via csection and two unassisted vbacs afterwards

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The possibility of a natural birth after C-Sections depends on the C-Sections. I had one C-Section, the Dr fixed my reason for needing it and said the next baby should be born natural. I have friends that had C-Sections that will always have to have them.

I have a friend that had 8 c sections. She said if you keep putting the babies in, they have to get them out :woman_shrugging:t3: