Were you able to give birth vaginally after having c-sections?

The amount of emergency & planned c-sections in America never ceases to amaze me. We, sadly, are leaders in this method of delivery. That having been said I’ve heard on other pages increased praise & awareness for vaginal delivery after c-section.

In australia we have a different system as far as my ob gyn has told me. Probs diff for each specialist. if i have 2 c secs any after that will automatically be csecs as risk for rupture is.too high. But ive had once energency c sec and if we decide on having more i want to try vbac but if it doesnt go to plan thats ok id rather bubs safe.

I’m a midwife. Here, in Germany, it’s quite normal to offer a vbac after one c- section. This quote " one cesarean, everytime a cesarean" is very old fashioned. At least it’s a term from the 19.th century.
More and more Hospitals even offer a vba2c.
The decision for a vbac depends mostly on the reason for the first c- section. And- of course- the wish of the women.

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I’ve had 3 and my first was an emergency c section cause she got stuck but when I got pregnant with my second I got told i could try but they were anticipating an big baby so they suggested another so I said ok and when I got pregnant with my 3 I insisted I wanted vaginal but I got told
No because I’ve already had 2 c sections. And I got told they frown upon more 3 c sections they will do it but they don’t like too. But I guess it depends on the doctor too

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I’ve had 3 csections and because they were all back to back I couldn’t have vbac due to the possibility of my old csections tearing open from the pressure and my body gave up during labour they recommended csections. Delivered at 37 weeks emergency csection with the first and other two were both at 39 weeks. I got a partial tubal removal and tied with my 3rd and honestly the recovery got easier and better each time!

I had a emergency c section then a vaginal then a emergency c section now I’m having my fourth child in a few weeks and they have scheduled me for c section.

It all depends on your specific case momma!
Also depends on how they did the cut for the c section I’ve been told

If you are unsure or feel unsure ask your doctor!

My first was vaginal, second a c-section and third vaginal v-back delivery. He is now 26. I think they are backing off v-backs. There is a possibility of uterine rupture. I was told it would make my labor longer, it was 29 hours. Afterward though I felt like I could run around the room. For me it was worth it.

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I had a C-section with my first child :child:t2: she wouldn’t wake up to try to be born :woman_facepalming:t2: so after her time had past for birth I started closing again. All the rest (3 more) were all vaginal :pray:t3: my second daughter was born just 2 yrs 10 months after my first. I was told I was going to need a C-section again but thankfully that never happened again :pray:t3::slight_smile:

My first was an emergency c-section , my second was a planned because my body don’t so well with labour and had a lot of trouble on my first and next month I’m about to have another planned c-section , I know where I live if you had to c-sections every pregnancy after that will be via section

You can’t have a vaginal delivery if you had a c- section

Id say speak to midwife nd explain youd like to give natural birth a try nd if no look youd let team do c section i did this with my little girl almost 5 yrs ago

I have only had two natural births my friends have had both said it was easy to have a natural after c section but hats off to the ladies who have c sections as the recovery looks so difficult and painful

I’ve had three c sections and not allowed to give vaginal birth . Guess it depends on ur doctor maybe? I’m fine with c sections vaginal scares the shit out of me lol

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No if you have a c section you can not have a regular birth I had 4 kids and each one had to be c section and I went to the best dr. In San Diego they told me that it can be done but it’s not as safe anymore because of the scar tissue that builds up and it can be dangerous.i was happy with my csec I have a very little scare can’t even barely tell my Dr. did very good job even took out some of the tissue build up that’s what the dangers part of having v after c if your dr. Says it’s the safest way then do it.

My first was emergency c section and i had 2 more than a vaginal birth and then another csection with our last baby

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I had a VBA2C in 2018.

I had to fight like hell to get it. I was very fortunate to have an extremely knowledgeable and experienced OB. Most, if not all, others in the area would not have been willing to even let me try.
I reached out to ICAN for help.

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I’ve had 2vba2c. With my 1st vaginal (3rs baby) I switched doctors at 34 weeks pregnant because I found a dr who would allow me to attempt a vbac (the dr i had the 34 weeks wasn’t going to let me attempt a vbac so I never stopped looking). My 2nd vbac (4th baby) i went to that same doctor. Both my vaginals were great births. Picture perfect unmedicated deliveries.

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I was told no to vbac after having 2. Your uterus can rupture where the scar tissue is. And if you do try to do vaginally they won’t give you any medicine to help you start labor. The contractions from the medicine are really strong and that puts you and baby at risk. This is just my experience and what I’ve been told and doing a little research on my own. In the end you should follow the doctors advice and orders.

I have 5 and all 5 were delivered via c-section. Thankfully I’m done having children because my doctor was concerned with the amount of scar tissue from having 5 sections. And I will say it was the worst recovery I had after my last baby. I’d say whatever your doctor thinks is best is probably the best route to take.