Were you able to give birth vaginally after having c-sections?

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Yes . I had a vbac got pregnant in 2017 good delivery in 2017. I was given all the risks and signed some paperwork in case I had to have an emergency csection while trying for vaginal deliveryafter an emergency csection in 2011. It was 7 years apart.

I have had 3 c-sections. I tried to have a vbac with my second. Dilated to a 7 and then stopped. Was stuck at 7cm for a few hours. When they cut me open doc said “well there is her ear.” That was the problem. She was rotated sideways. With my third we were trying to get me pregnant and found out part of the incision from my last section didn’t heal properly. They told me not to get pregnant until I had surgery I repair it. Of course as soon as we stopped trying I got pregnant the next cycle. Doctor wasn’t super concerned about the pregnancy, but did not want me to labor, or even have any contractions at all, for fear of my uterus rupturing. Had to schedule my 3rd section for 39 weeks.

When I was a NICU nurse I worked with a labor and delivery nurse that had something crazy like 9 kids. She had had a c-section with her 2nd or 3rd and had VBACs for all the rest. She never had any problem. During my several years working in ob I have been to several vbac deliveries. The worst outcome i personally had seen was that it failed and they still had to do a c-section. There is a higher risk of your uterus rupturing during a vbac than a normal vaginal delivery though. Unless things have changed they can’t induce you or use much medication to help your contractions along. You should also make sure to talk to your doctor. A lot of them won’t even let you try to vbac because of liability for them if something should go wrong.


I had 3 c sections. Since my first was an emergency the doctor told me any future pregnancies would have to be c sections. I was disappointed because I wanted to try the natural way.

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First baby emergency c section second baby emergency c section third baby was vbac and I had him very fast and had him at home so very risky because I needed to be monitored. Xx

I had a natural after a c-section 2 years apart although it was much more intense contractions and a longer labor I didn’t have any issues delivering

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I Opted for the second c section. It Wasnt worth the risks to me but I know moms who did VBACS and we’re fine!!! It’s all preference and what your comfortable with.

If you have 2 c sections, majority of Dr’s don’t let you try vbac. The risk to you and your baby is too great.


My first was a c section my other 2 were vaginal. Find a doctor that’s comfortable letting u try vaginal birth. Some aren’t comfortable with it

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I had a emergency c section in november it was my 4th child other 3 were all vaginal births the surgeon told me if i wanted another i could have a vaginal delivery.

This totally depends on your personal situation, health & pregnancy. I was told when I had my last via csect that if I had any more kids it would have be delivered bus csect. Others have successful vbacs.

I had 3 c- sections. They only usually offer VBACs after your first. If you have or opt for the 2nd c-section, you usually have no option for the 3rd.


First vaginal.Second vaginal.Third c section.Fourth vaginal.Fifth c section.sixth c section

2nd child was emergency c section and 3rd was a vbac. 18 months apart

Usually after the second c-section doctors won’t let you have a vbac because you uterus could split open during labor. I’m a mommy of 4 all c-section.

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I have too much scar tissue to have my baby natural! Omg I would of loved to do it at least once but im getting my tubes tied so ill take the csection and get it all out the way.

I had 2 cession my first normal my 2ndcessarion 3rd normal and 4th cession

Theres a lot of factors…
The first is why you had a csection to begin with.
If it was an issue that’s likely to reoccur (like baby getting stuck) then more than likely you’ll need a repeat csection. If it was because baby was breech, then they’ll monitor and go from there.
Second, there are some concerns and considerations about vbacs after multiple sections in that the scar could rupture.
So to do a vbac doctors have standards that need to be met leading up to birth and even day of for your safety as well as babys.

The best thing you could do is discuss with your doctor, because they’ll have access to your specific medical history and will be able to give you better information on what would be the safest route for you specifically.

This EXACT thing happened to me. My first was a c section, because she just wasn’t progressing into my birth canal after 36 hours of labor :scream::scream:and my second was emergency c section and when I had my third they told me because I had already had 2 c sections it was best I go ahead and plan for a third. Talk to your OBGYN, but my doc told me when you have multiple c sections that’s just the way the doctor wants to go to. But also that was a few years ago and having babies in hospitals it seems like protocols change frequently. Good luck mama! And congratulations :slight_smile:

Yes, 2 kids. One c-section, one v-bac