Were you able to give birth vaginally after having c-sections?

Only had one c section but delivered 2nd one vaginally. Only in labor 3 hrs.

Definitely talk with your doctor and the hospital… My doctor is all for trying a vbac but the hospital in town doesn’t allow it…I would have to go to the hospital in the next town over and have a different doctor deliver :broken_heart:

I attempted a v bac… but failed. They can’t use inducing medication and don’t let you go past your due date. It all depends on the hospital and why you had a c section… I have a friend who had a c section with her 1st set of twins, then 2 years later had her singleton vaginally and 8 years after that had another set of twins VAGINALLY she’s a rockstar!

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I had two c sections, went on to have two vaginal births. All kids are two years apart or less.
First kid, he was breech and we couldn’t get him to flip, went into labor, had a c section.
Second, c section was recommended because his due date wasn’t going to be 18 mo after the first. I went into labor, went in and was 7+ cm and they did a c section. (16 mo apart)
Third was my first vaginal birth, I asked to be induced, they did.(19 mo and 22 days after second c section)
Fourth was my second vaginal birth, natural. (One week shy of two years after the first vaginal birth).

My 1st was emergency csection, 2nd vbac, 3rd planned csection (breech twins) 4th induced vbac. It’s allll about your dr

After 2 c sections its considered dangerous to have a v birth…after 1 it depends 9n circumstances

My hospital would not allow it unless there was 7 years between each child. Something to do with insurance for the hospital. I had 3 c-sections, no problems with any of them. It was nice to schedule their “due dates” though…

The chances are risky had 2 c sections and was told yrs ago that I couldn’t ever have natural

My first 2 were c section my last was natural.


My sister’s oldest was c section the other 3 where vbac

I’ve had 4 c- sections I was not able to give birth vaginal because I’m so little so I was never given the option

I did. Vaginal, c-section, vaginal

It’s harder but not impossible, I have an aunt that the first son was c-section but the second one was vaginal cause baby was smaller and usually babies tent to be bigger than the past one. So it would depend in your doctor, but you should explain him that you wish to have your baby vaginal.
And look for second opinion if you feel like you need to.
I understand c-section could be hard but as long you and the baby are good and healthy you shouldn’t be worry.
G’Luck and congratulations for the new baby!!! :heart:
May God bless you both!

Yes & I did it after 2 csections, 2- 9lb babies after both sets of my 6lb each twins, find a vbac support group in your area. The ladies have all the info & referrals & support u will need

My mom had a c section with, 4 years layer vaginal birth, 4 years after that vaginal, 5 years after that c section with twins

1st one was emergency c- section. 2nd wanted to be vaginal, but after HOURS of labor and no progress, he was c- section as well. It was then discovered my hip bones are oval, rather than round, and I was not physically able to have a vaginal birth. We have 3 healthy, beautiful boys.

I had 2 C sections, was warned not to have any more babies due to large amount of scar tissue.

3 sections, but i don’t dilate so…

Had 2 c-sections then a vbac. Most wonderful experience ever! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: