Were you told you were going to have a big baby?

I’m 34 weeks one day today I’m due Nov 2nd. I went for my ultrasound today, and dr said she’s 6lb 1oz. Dr believes she will weight about 8lb or so at birth. Any moms were told they would have a big baby, but they turned out not weighting as much? I have no problem with a big baby. I love her, no matter what. I’m just curious. My other 2 pregnancies, my boys weight between 6lb and 7lb


I was told with my oldest that they suspected he was about 10lbs he was 9lbs 2 oz. my second born they guessed at around 9lbs. He was 8lbs 9.2oz. So a little smaller than guessed :slightly_smiling_face:

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They told me my daughter was 9 pounds, she ended up being 6 14

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They told me we were having a big baby and she came out at 6 6

My daughter was 6lbs 7.9oz and they were so close with her. My first son was expected to be close to 8lbs and ended up being 8lbs 3.3oz. My last son they expected to be close to 7lbs (just before my 37 week induction) and he ended up being 5lbs 3.9oz. They definitely miss measured him lol

My son was predicted to be over 9lbs around my 32 dr appt and my last appt at 39weeks the Dr said he should be normal… we had even prepared for a c section just incase I couldn’t push him out, he came out 7lbs and 7oz

My youngest was 9.7 lbs, had I gone the 15 extra days he probably would’ve been 11 lbs. His father is 6’4 and his family has a history of big babies. My brother and I were also big, but my first 2 were avg/small so I didn’t expect my chunky boy lol

They told me mine was measuring 6lbs at 34 weeks. He was 9lbs 7oz

I was told for my 2nd pregnancy to expect at least a 10lb baby… He was born weighing 4lb 3oz

I was told my daughter was between 7-8 bounds at 32 weeks and that she would be about 8-9 at birth and she was only 7lb 6oz so don’t frighten yourself

I was told the morning i was induced at 37 weeks my daughter was 8lbs 4oz she was born 6lbs 1oz

Was told big was 6.1

I had an ultrasound at 34 weeks and he was estimated to be 6lbs 8oz and they thought he was going to be huge, like 9-10 pounder. They induced me at 40 weeks and he was only 7lbs 4oz.

The ultrasound tech at the hospital: Oh, he’s gonna be big, looks probably over 10 lbs.

Me: :scream:

Doctor: No, he isn’t going to be that big.

Nurses: No, hunny he isn’t going to be that big.

Emergency c- section because he wouldn’t drop.

Doctor as he hands over my 9.13lb baby: :fearful:


Yeah i was told with my first one he’d be 9 pounds, they where almost accurate. My second they told me she was going to be big too. And she came put 7pounds 8 oz. So sometimes they are accurate sometimes they are way off lol. Guess you’ll have to wait and see. Good luck!

I’m 34+3 and due Nov 1st and my little lady weighed 5.6lbs at my 34 week scan but no mention of a big baby :rose:

My 1st was 9 lbs and I was 1 week over due. My 2nd 9 lbs 8 oz. Only 2 days over due.

I was told I was going to have a big baby and they estimated 8 lb 8 oz. She was born 9lbs 15oz :upside_down_face:

Yes was told my son was 8 lbs at 36 weeks thinking he will be 10 lbs and came out 7lbs 5 oz 22 inches. But sometimes the machines are off.

Yep. I was told that with my daughter and they were right…she was 10lbs! Lol.