What advice would you give a stay at home mom transitioning to working?

I’m transitioning from a stay at home mom to working full time soon. I’m sending my kids, ages 2 & 4, to a sitter for the first time. Tomorrow is the first day with the sitter for a few hours as a trial run. For mamas who have transitioned from SAHM to working, what are the best things I need to do to make the transition as easy as possible? It’s a big transition for all of us, and I want to make their first day as unique as possible


I had to video chat my son in the beginning when he started going to the sitter with his separation anxiety. It seemed to help him. He could hear and see me. If the babysitter was having a tough day with him all she had to do was call me. It let’s them know you aren’t far away and are reachable. Hes been going to the sitter for almost 2 years now. Started going when he was 4 months old. Has zero issues now.

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No fuss. Let them know when you will be back. The younger one might not get Mummy away is different from Mummy in next room so explain that. Tell them they are going to have a great time.

I ran an i home daycare for 7 years and closed it do to COVID and returned to work. My kidos are 7 and 3, 7 was mad at me for a few weeks but 3 didn’t seem affected at all. Be excited for your new change and they will be excited for you. From a former babysitter side, keep your goodbyes short and sweet. If they cry let the sitter handle it, a lot of times it is a response to mom feeling guilty/sad and lingering and littles play off our emotions. Good luck momma! You got this!


I stayed home with my daughter for the first year before returning to work. You starting some trial runs with the babysitter is great! Gets the kids and YOU used to it. Like others are saying, talk excitedly about it and keep the goodbyes short and sweet. Kids base their emotions off of how they see you reacting. So make sure to save any tears for the car. :wink: The first few days/weeks…you will think about your kiddos non-stop. Establish a good, open communication with your sitter. Enjoy going to the bathroom by yourself, best part of my day! Lol. This is a new transition, but you all will do great! :sparkling_heart:

I don’t have any advice but good luck with everything!

Stay with the children for a few hours to make them feel comfortable with sitter and assure them they will be safe and that you approve of the person caring for them. That’s what we did at my daycare.

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If you act excited, they’ll be less likely to view this a bad change. And make your exit short and sweet. The longer the goodbyes, the more emotional they get. It’s a big change but you’ve got this!


Have a ritual of saying goodbye and a ritual of reconnection upon return.

Make sure whoever is watching your children are 100% trustworthy.

They will cry, they won’t want you to leave, they will pull at your heart strings, make you feel guilty and cry, leave anyway and don’t drag it out. The shorter the leave is the better. They will stop crying eventually, they will be so excited to see you when you pick them up, it will get easier and one day they will be running out of the car to go play with the sitter while waving bye and ignoring your pleas for a hug and kiss before you leave and that will break your heart again that they don’t want their mommy anymore. It’s all okay, it’s all normal, just breathe.

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Lead by example. Make it a happy fun experience. The happier you are the happier they will be. Good luck!

Ensure you don’t make a big thing of it short and sweet good byes. You show your anxieties they will pick up on it. Watch your wording not saying you will but one mum i know always says things like ‘don’t be scared’ ‘you’ll be fine’ ‘be brave’ etc well your putting things in their head and she could never grasp why he would cry and say its him not realizing she waa sowing the seed, there is no need to say anything other than ‘your gojng to nursery you’ll have a lovely time’ etc. Kiss hig bye has always worked for me shes never cried or anything and now will join any group etc. Also don’t fall in the trap of compensating your time with buying them things they don’t need it. People use to come in my shop every night spending a fortune on ‘rubbish’ justifying saying they’ve misssed them all day. Well have a cuddle read a book, play a game don’t buy them stuff your implying your dojng soemthing wrong and yoir not. Enjoy your time away don’t feel guilty you have nothing to feel guilty for. Give yourself time to adapt to new routine and enjoy it. Good luck xx

Make sure to have separate one on one time with kids even if just to read book

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