What advice would you give to a first time boy mom?

Hey fellow mamas, just looking for tips and advice! I have a two-year-old daughter, and I’m currently pregnant with a baby boy!!! I was wondering what tips, advice, or words of wisdom you have with bringing home a baby boy as I’m a little nervous about it and have never really taken care of a baby boy before (I grew up with almost all-girl cousins and all my cousins who have had babies have had girl babies)


Baby is a baby.
Lol not much different. I have 2b, 1g


Be careful when changing diapers or you will get a shower!!! Just love him like your other baby and congratulations :footprints:


When diapering your son keep his private part cover. Baby boys tend to pee when they feel cool air.


I imagine it’s very similar except I’ve been peed on multiple times. Lol It won’t happen as often after about 8 months.

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Point it down (to avoid previously mentioned shower) :grin: Congrats!


Make sure if you circumcise your son to pull his skin back and clean well. The skin can grow back together. Sorry I know kinda grafic

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Point his penis down when you change his diaper! I didn’t know this and my son peed through so many diapers and outfits 🤦:joy::joy:

As a newborn, seems its been covered to remind you to keep it covered! However get ready for a life time of farts that will bring him joy, burps that provoke laughter, and dirty sloppy kisses that will melt your heart… i have 5 boys, no girls so not sure if its different in the younger years, but with boys over the past 20 years I know those things have remained consistent. And love every moment of mommyhood!!!


You’re in for a wild ride…lol I have a 13 month old and it’s fun but I asked santa for a mommy timeout…lol

Be prepared for pee shooting at your face during diaper changes :woman_shrugging: Clothes will never stay clean more than 5 minutes, the dirtier something is the better. Also in my case, dont expect them to keep clothes on…its a constant battle with my almost 4 year old still. But they are so fun, funny, and curious to take things apart and put back together.

Cover the shooter! Other than that mostly the same.

I wish you the best mama!!! I have a 12 year old daughter, lost a baby March 21st 2020, and am due March 6th. I will tell you that I was REALLY nervous about having a son. My daughter wanted a brother, but I honestly prayed for another girl. I am a single mom and left my ex after 3.5 years and then found out I was pregnant and felt the same way you do. In the end, no Matter what, you have an amazing blessing.

If intact don’t retract is the main one that we were told if we had a boy (we ended up having a girl)

Only difference is faster diaper changes cause you might be surprised during one of them…

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Not different than a girl until later. Even then boys can be quiet and mellow.

If your circumsizing …Keep dingleberry clean and pay attention to the healing.

After a bath put that towel on him or he will pee to the ceiling, not even kidding. Being a boy mom is amazing, you will love it just as much.

When u diaper your son make sure his private is facing down cause when he pees your holding him you’ll for sure get wet on. Congratulations on your new addition

Not much difference, I have 2 boys, it’s more when they get older expect to be in ER more than you have ever been :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: